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Have to call genetic counsellor at the hosp....

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eidsvold · 28/09/2006 11:34

had a msg on my phone to return a call from the genetic counsellor at the hospital where I had my Nuchal translucency screening.

They said the hospital would call if it was 'high risk' or send a letter to GP if it was low risk.

Not impressed anyway.... really unable to get a clear accurate measurement due to baby positioning and that is even trying a vaginal scan ( did I mention - ewwww very uncomfortable and almost puked all over sonographer)

2nd thing - when having a pre test discussion with I think it was a different genetic counsellor - she was insistent that NTS only shows your risk of having a child with down syndrome - nothing more. At the time I was positive she was wrong but it really wasn't the time or the place to 'correct' her.

SO - really looking forward to 'chatting' with them tomorrow.

And to top it off - dh is in the Uk with his mum and sister preparing for FIL's funeral on monday.

sums up our house today.... dds are really missing dh and so am I - very sooky I know but hey I am being self indulgent and hormonal today!!

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eidsvold · 28/09/2006 11:35

I iam high risk before I even start anyway - already have dd1 with down syndrome which increases my risk of having another child with ds and my age means my risk of other chromosonal conditions is something like 1 in 87!!!

I am interested to see what they class as high risk!!

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Piffle · 28/09/2006 11:41

have you called back yet?
Good luck xx

eidsvold · 28/09/2006 11:44

nah Piffle - did not get msg on phone until just now - about 8.30pm - our time.

she called at 5.20pm - mad hour in a house with a 4yo and a 2yo. WIll try and call whilst the dds are asleep tomorrow.

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Piffle · 28/09/2006 12:44

keep forgetting you're 12000 miles away

hub2dee · 28/09/2006 12:56

eidsvold - if you enjoy researchy documents, you might find a couple of pages on this site useful. If you click on certification, there is a big fat pdf with very detailed information (it's the accrediation manual for sonogrpahers wishing to train in NT scanning). hth. PS - didn't realise you were pg; CONGRATULTIONS !

Thomcat · 28/09/2006 13:01

Hi you.

Firstly, really sorry about your FIL, I ddin't really he hgad passed away but knew he wasill. So sorry

So how are you feeliong in yourself, are you ok?

The high risk thing is so annoying as like you say they put you in high risk just becasue you already have a child with DS. I kept on asking them to take Lottie out o the equation as far as my test results were concerned. Impossible to get an acurate reading on this baby inside you when they already consider you high risk becasue of DD1.

eidsvold · 28/09/2006 16:23

TC - i too wonder how accurate her measurement is given how difficult it was to get the baby in position to measure iyswim.

anyway can't sleep so up to do some more research.

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hub2dee · 28/09/2006 22:08

I imagine positioning a moving fetus in 3D measuring something that is just a few mm across is v. tricky, prone to inter-operator error etc. etc. I'd guess it takes quite a significant amount of experience to get it right with v. high repeatability / reliabilty IYSWIM.

eidsvold · 28/09/2006 23:50

Bloody people!!!!!

It was good news - they said they would just write to GP if risk was low.

Apparently without testing - history and age put my risk of having another child with down syndrome at 1 in 58!!

After NTS - 1 in 969!!!!! ( around the same as a 26yo)

I spent a sleepless night and cried for dd2 for nothing!!! Even called dh in the UK in the middle of the night ( my time)and worried him to death!!!

We knew we would go no further and our baby was our baby - well you guys know our story with dd1 but I just was worried how dd2 would cope - she would - but you know the worries we all have for our children.

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eidsvold · 28/09/2006 23:50

because the nuchal fold measurement was fine - the did not test for further risk re other trisomies.

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Blu · 29/09/2006 00:06

Eidsvold.....whew! Am breathing out very heavily on your behalf. What a way to mangle your nerves! I am (obviously) so pleased that it was good news, after all that...but what a thig to go through, and in such very difficult circumstances.

fattiemumma · 29/09/2006 00:15

thats great news Eidsvold im really pleased that you finally have good news.

sorry about your Fil.

hub2dee · 29/09/2006 06:37
Miaou · 29/09/2006 07:34

Eidsvold - that that's so positive for you! But at the hospital for worrying you so much - grrr!

eidsvold · 29/09/2006 07:51

I know Miaou..... all sorts of thoughts enter your head at 2am!!

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FioFio · 29/09/2006 07:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Bluebear · 01/10/2006 20:16

eidsvold - Just wanted to pick up the comment in your original post about NTS only showing risk of Down syndrome. An increased NT also gives a high risk of Turner syndrome so you were right (although as you said, not the time to be 'arguing' with the counsellor.

eidsvold · 01/10/2006 22:16

Bluebear - I came home and did some research - well ta 2am when I couldn't sleep and it seems so many things can be indicated by a high NTS result - even more than I knew about - so I was very cross that Ds was her focus.

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