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Some good news....

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eidsvold · 25/09/2006 03:35

We had a paed appt this morning. They were worried about dd1's thyroid functioning ( something that can be an issue in children with down syndrome). Her last blood tests showed a spiked reading and caused some concern - so we had to repeat the test with the view that if it remained high - so begins a lifetime of thyroid medication.

I really did not want to start now with this - just another thing to struggle with dd1 over. But today her reading was brilliant - right back down again and no worries. Paed is very pleased with her and how well she is doing.

poor dh will have to attend the next one - it is in 6 months around my due date- so will either be in hospital recovering from c-section or just home. If still in hospital - guess I could pop over with no3 in my pjs and attend.

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eidsvold · 25/09/2006 03:36

having said that - dh works at the children's hosp and so attends all of dd1's outpatients appts unless he has a meeting he can't get out of BUT has never attended by himself.

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dejags · 25/09/2006 03:38

Great news Eidsvold. With everything else that's going on for you at the moment you deserve one less thing to worry about.

Congrats on your pregnancy BTW

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