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Where the hell to get 'BIG' nappies?

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MABS · 24/09/2006 12:29

Hi all, finally having to admit that ds is pretty incontinent due to cp where can i buy nappies that are big enough? pampers Juniors just don't fit as he is now 6 yrs old. Thanks girls.

OP posts:
peachygirl · 24/09/2006 12:50

After your child reaches the age of 5 you should be eligable to get them free from you health authority. Certainly in the three places I have worked this is the case
I'm not sure who you contact to sort this out. your GP/ School nursing service or possible an old health visitor or portage worker if you had one.
You really should not have to buy them for yourself.
Someone else on here will know.

anniebear · 24/09/2006 12:51

Can you not get them for free?

Children who have SN usually get free nappies from the age of 3/4&

MABS · 24/09/2006 13:36

our hv is totally useless. Ds was dry from the age of 3 until he was just over 5, sadly it then started and has gor worse in last 8 months. Thanks girls

OP posts:
anniebear · 24/09/2006 13:44

Your GP or Paed should be able to do a referral if HV is no good

Suppose once your child starts school you don't see the HV anyway, so I would try the other 2

anniebear · 24/09/2006 13:46

Other option for now is the night time nappies , you can get them for ages 4-7

Don't know what they are like for daytime wear though and it would be expensive

I got, I think it was Tesco's pull ups, I found them to be generous and also Morrisons did pull up nappies and I found them to be the most generous, as I struggled with my DD

coppertop · 24/09/2006 14:04

Ds1 can still just about fit into the Asda size 6 nappies at night. He's 6 but big for his age.

I've thought about getting some of those pyjama pants but they don't look very absorbent.

MABS · 24/09/2006 14:54

thnks so much for your help.

OP posts:
2shoes · 24/09/2006 15:42

i can let you have a pack of af ambi x small but they might be too big
If you like I ask ask my friend who might have some of the size down to spare. You could try them to see which size you need.
Forget your hv if they won;t help
ring01273696011 that is brighton general hospital ask for the incontinence service and ask for Elaine Hambling(nurse in charge)
explain it her (or if she isn't there the lady who answers the phone)
we fall in to a black hole.I haven't had a hv for years and every time I am told to go to the school nurse. elaine understands all this.
If you don't come under the same area as me (think you might be WS she will tell you who you need.
You are entitled to free nappies but west Sussex is crap for them so be ready to fight,

(i have spares due to dd going up in size and cock up by nappy service)

redbull · 24/09/2006 15:47

your school nurse will take your details and what kind of size you will need and then you will get them for free

MABS · 24/09/2006 15:51

thanks 2shoes. Redbull, our school nurse doesn't wanna know as he is at school out of our area and it's independent

OP posts:
FioFio · 25/09/2006 08:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Pixel · 27/09/2006 00:33

Ds gets sent the Huggies dri-nights. They are a lot more absorbent than they look and we haven't had any leaks (he's 6 as well) even when he's been horseriding.

desperateSCOUSEwife · 27/09/2006 06:12


I would phone up and request them

that some local authorities are good at some things
and useless at others

Saker · 27/09/2006 12:57

Ds2 is a big 5-year old and fits pretty well into Huggies pull-ups large size. There is still an extra-large size that we haven't needed yet. Not cheap though

Mitford · 27/09/2006 13:14

We live in Brighton and got a referall via the school as our HV is bobbins.

I live in Brighton and will happily give you a couple of packs while you get it sorted? Our son is 5 so they should fit.

Mitford · 27/09/2006 13:16

Oops, just notived you've already tried school, sorry.

ohbother · 27/09/2006 13:16

the minki lady will make washable pull-ups in a range of designs (spiderman etc); she does made-to-measure special needs orders

MABS · 27/09/2006 19:12

Mitford, that is so very sweet of you. Ohbother - thanks so much for that link.

OP posts:
2shoes · 28/09/2006 15:26

having a bit of bother sending emails but will try again. just to let you know I got you 6 packs

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