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my feelings are way over the top, i know!

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mytwopenceworth · 22/09/2006 23:55

i found this out the other day. it happened last school year, but it is new to me.

ds1 didnt want to go out to play at break and lsa was trying to find out why. he asked her "(said his own name) not smelly?" she reassured him that he was not then managed to get the story - 2 girls had told him the day before at break that he was smelly. he is autistic and i think people think hes got no feelings (WRONG!!!!!). they really really hurt him.

nobody else seems to think its a big deal, but i cried and cried and now i want to get those little girls and bash their heads together. i feel such hate towards them. how can i hate a child? its awful, but i do, i could bash them. i could make little voodoo dolls of them, i could tell them santa doesnt exist, i could tell them their beloved baby is a scrappy bit of cheap plastic....

it happened ages ago, ds1 doesnt seem to have a problem, the girls were suitably sorry and are nice to him, dh says im an overprotective mum, the teachers laughed and said oh boys dont tell their mums about stuff!

but he was hurt and i never knew! i keep hearing (in his voice) "[name] not smelly? [name} not smelly?" till i cry again!!! im a nut, i tell you, an overprotective, blow it out of proportion, ott nut!!

but someone out there in that horrible world hurt his feelings and now i want to take him and ds2 and shut the door and not let them out until they are at least 60!

he was at footie last night and cubs tonight and hes happy and i cant let anyone know how overprotective i am and how i want to stand guard over him and ds2 and fend off the world with a big stick.

probably one with fire on the end.

OP posts:
CarlyP · 22/09/2006 23:57

im sure everyone feels like this about their kis. i do at times. it was a horrid thing to say to him, but kids arent nice!!!

try to smile and b happy for your boys.


tobysmumkent · 23/09/2006 00:09

Message withdrawn

fattiemumma · 23/09/2006 12:06

my ds gets bullied (mildly) all the time. its more of a ignoring him or poking fun out of him kind of bullying really.

I find it upsetting as he is so oblivious to it. he has no idea f whats happening. when the other children shout at him to chase them he thinks they are playing withhim and that they are his freinds....they're not they know he will chase them and they think its all very funny. he then gets told off for chasing by the teacher.

they goad him to get a reaction constantly, tell him he can't join in becasue he can't do XX.

luckily i guess he doesn't realise but i do, its very upsetting. i feel like going and having a go at the childrens parents for raising such nasty children but i know that won't help.
so no, i dont think your over reacting at all i think its perfectly normal

moondog · 23/09/2006 12:09

I so feel for you.What a heartrending post.

Listen,when I worry about people hurting my children,after thinking all the things you do (and more)I rationalise it by reminding myself that plenty of people have been thoroughly horrid to me in my life and it hasn't harmed me one bit.
Bless you,what a lioness of a mother you sound.

2mum · 23/09/2006 17:07

Hi Mtpw hope you are feeling a bit better. I would be feeling like you also if i heard kids were saying that about my son. Its so hard not to feel angry and upset for our kids when they have enough to deal with growing up without being called names.

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