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SN children

is there one rule for us and one for them??

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2shoes · 18/09/2006 13:00

I have an 11 yr old dd(sn and an 14yr od ds hwo is nt and just started yr10
It is an important time for him as he is starting gse work so no hols in term time.
so why can dd's schoolfriend who is in yr 10 but sn and at a sn school go off on holiday now.
I have never understood why parents of sn kids seem to do this(happens a lot at her school
can anyone enlighten me

OP posts:
Jimjams2 · 18/09/2006 13:03

I would do it with ds1 because we can't really take him away during school holidays (everywhere is too busy for him). I haven't done it because of having ds2 and ds3, and also because school is kind of our respite and we'd be losing a week of it, but if the opportunity arose to take ds1 somewhere mainstream I probably would try and do it at a quieter time.

tobysmumkent · 18/09/2006 13:10

Message withdrawn

macwoozy · 18/09/2006 13:11

I'm guilty of this, and have a holiday planned during school term in the next few weeks. We only get the opportunity to go abroad once a year and we want the experience to be as enjoyable as we can make it. Ds is so much more relaxed when there are fewer people around and we have less meltdowns, so we felt that we had good reason to take him out of school, the school didn't have a problem with this either.

coppertop · 18/09/2006 13:11

We don't have holidays but I can see the appeal in going in term-time. Less people so less noise, fewer smells, less queuing etc. Also less people to stare when your child has a meltdown or ventures into McD's.

fussymummy · 18/09/2006 13:51

The school that my children go to has sent a letter to every parent to tell them that holidays in term time are no longer permitted.

Parents used to be allowed to do it, but had to fill out a form to allow for this.

It was happening too often, and some kids missed loads of schooling.

We've also been told that if its found that parents are still doing it, by pretending that their child is ill, etc., then it could lead to that child being removed from the school.

2shoes · 18/09/2006 14:23

but what if they are 14 and you know they are olny doing it to save money is that right??

OP posts:
anniebear · 18/09/2006 14:27

we do it because it is quieter to go in June, won't lose Ellie as easily!!!

and also I know Ellie's work isn't going to suffer because she isn't at her SN School for a week

fussymummy · 18/09/2006 14:29

Don't know about secondary schools, but our/most school know that it's cheaper to go away out of term time.

They did threaten to fine parents if they took kids out of school, but certain parents who do it, said it would still be cheaper to pay the fine as the holidays were that much cheaper.

nikkie · 18/09/2006 19:45

We have a lot of kids at our school(sn) who have term time hols.

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