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Eidsvold's 12 week scan

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eidsvold · 18/09/2006 10:24

All looks okay - have to get blood test done on Wed to finalise NTS but looked slim.

Stressful afternoon - dd1 managed to bolt the back door whilst I ran down to the car and put everything in - locking her and dd2 in the house. Picture one frantic mum working out which window to smash to get back in - dd1 was having a bit of a meltdown and I could not get her to open the door, dd2 is on the kitchen table waving to me outside... finally dd2 got down from the table and undid the bolt.....

Then had genetic counsellor wanting to speak to me about Nuchal translucency screen and ds - yes dd1 was with me. I finally told her we knew about dd1 before she was born - sort of put a stop on the conversation.

Anyway - as per usual eidsvold babies are not cooperative during scans - this one is par for course. Finally got to see most of it. Heart looked good and seemed to be beating okay ( 1 in 50 chance of baby having heart defect)

QUite excited. dh wonders if it is a boy - very rapid heart beat.

Results will either be phoned through to us - high risk or to the GP - low risk.

Oh yeh - just one bub in there.

dd2 also passed the time whilst I was being scanned tickling my feet..... very hard not to laugh - very ticklish feet.

OP posts:
Thomcat · 18/09/2006 10:38

Great, nice one Edisvold, let us know how you get on.

I found talking to the genetic counsellor when I was pregnant with DD2 really hard. Well not hard so much, I just didn't really want to do it. I just wanted to get on with being pregnant. I hated all that ticking boxes crap but it was part of being tested and I had to respect D's wishes. Not easy though.

Thinking of you and excited for you

eidsvold · 18/09/2006 10:43

tc - I finally told her that really there wasn't much for her to say when she said NTS was primarily testing for ds - told her ds was my reality and what more could she possibly tell me - was a little sharp but was still coming down from the shock of dd1 locking me out.

OP posts:
LeBe · 18/09/2006 11:42

Ah Eidsvold, i didnt even know you were pg!! Congratulations and glad everything was ok at your scan, that was one of the most nerve racking bits for me. Hope all goes really well for you xxx

fatfox · 18/09/2006 12:02

Eivs - glad your scan went well LOL at the image of you lying ther having your feet tickled though!!

I was offered the genetic counsellor as well but said no as I'd met her and she was a real cow

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