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Jimjams - I got some crocs....

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eidsvold · 18/09/2006 00:41

dh bought me some for my birthday but pain in the butt he is I can't actually have them till my birthday which is not until next weekend. I got a light blue pair - not a lot of colours on sale in the shops here.

Can't wait to wear them......

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expatinscotland · 18/09/2006 02:00

you will luv them. they are your friends.

eidsvold · 18/09/2006 03:36

they feel like some winter shoes I had - the minute you put them on it was almost like your feet breathed a sigh of relief - they felt fab when I tried them on - just need to try them out now.

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hub2dee · 18/09/2006 07:24

I saw these and thought they must feel horrendous. Aside from looking ewww (MIHO), are they really AMAZING ?

What specifically is grrrrreat about them ?

Don't you get all sweaty, and do they give you adequate support for your sole ?

misdee · 18/09/2006 08:19

i dont want to pack my birks away for winter. are crocs a good substitute for the winter months?

FillyjonktheBananaEater · 18/09/2006 08:20

yeah, if you wear them with socks

secretly jealous

misdee · 18/09/2006 08:22

with socks? i dont do socks
but dont want my toes getting wet

FillyjonktheBananaEater · 18/09/2006 08:24

oh but they look luverly with socks i am sure

some nice off grey sports ones would be best . Or just the newest, whitest ones you can find.

otherwise, won't you get frostbite?

misdee · 18/09/2006 08:31

lol i havwe boots as well, was thinking for dry-ish day when it might rain

Jimjams2 · 18/09/2006 08:32

Oh I want to get some blue ones next They were great this weekend when ds1 decided to refuse to move from the river- I think I wou;d have struggled even more barefoot. He insisted on removiing his before going in the water so I had the upper hand ha ha ha).

Blackduck · 18/09/2006 09:06

Just come back from a weke in Turkey and every other child was wearing these - and seemed really happy in them...(only saw them just before we went in Bluewater - so haven't bought any)....are they pricy?

eidsvold · 18/09/2006 10:02

I got mine here in Aus where they are $50 for adult or children's ones. Will probably buy the knock offs for the girls to wear to the beach- a lot less then $50 given how quickly dd1 is out of shoes.

Misdee - they do closed ones - still sling back but no holes.

Hub - they just feel so comfy - will report back at the end of next week after dh gives them to me for my birthday next weekend and I wear them to death!!

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eidsvold · 22/09/2006 08:48

bought knock off ones for the girls and when they woke from their nap dh said they wanted them on. Dd1 has only just taken hers off now in time for dinner. She loves them. Got wee navy ones for dd2 - look so cute and pink ones for dd1 - look fab. The sizing in the fakes is huge - I had to go down two sizes from what the dds normally wear but they seem to love them. Told dh when we go out to breakfast on SUnday I would wear mine and the girls could wear theirs and he would be surrounded by them. He doesn't like them.

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FioFio · 22/09/2006 08:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Jimjams2 · 22/09/2006 13:34

ds3 has blue ones (ds2 red and ds1 black).
So we're all trendy The mums at ds2's school stare at my feet, but then I saw another mum wearing them!

eidsvold · 24/09/2006 04:01

went out for birthday breakfast and the dds and I wore my crocs. Dds love them want to wear them all the time. Mine were soooo comfy. Overheard a mum commenting to her husband about dd2's crocs whilst we were at the playground

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