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Anyone considered DORE/DATT treatment for their child?

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Blossomhill · 10/09/2006 21:50

I have been reading up and I really think it could help dd a lot.
It claims top almost "cure" adhd with exercises to stimulate the brain.
I just feel really helpless where dd is concerned and guilty that I should be doing more.
Thing is I know it will probably cost thousands

OP posts:
Saker · 10/09/2006 22:00

This has been discussed quite frequently if you look back through the messages on the Dyscovery Centre website. . Some people think it works miracles, other people think it is a complete rip off. Nobody disputes that it is expensive! I would go carefully and also consider the commitment - I think you have to do daily exercises - would you be able to fit that in? Would it differ from the type of thing already given by BIBIC?

Blossomhill · 11/09/2006 19:17

Thanks Saker

May be too late as I have someone coming to see me next Friday

God I hope it works for 2 grand

With DDAT you go back every 6 weeks and change exercises around.

Apparently it's all about the cerebellum (?) and stimulating that!

OP posts:
QueenBodicea · 11/09/2006 19:54

My DS started the DORE programme in April this year. He has ADHD and dyspraxic tendencies. His reading is good but he finds writing extremely difficult and hates doing it. Also poor concentration and organisational skills. He is on medication for the ADHD which helps him control his impulsiveness but it does not eradicate all the symptoms. We believe that the programme is helping him a bit with his writing and concentration. He has also gone up a set in maths although this could just be a co-incidence. His LSA at school also thinks its helping him. However its very difficult to measure the progress and I can't say that there has been a dramatic improvement but maybe it is still realtively early days as they did say that he would need to be on the programme for 18 months to two years. Beforehand we took about a year to decide that he should do the programme. The total cost was around £2000 which put us off a lot and my DS's consultant psychiatrist was rather scathing about it. We were aware that as vulnerable parents desperate to help our child we may be easy targets for getting ripped off in some scam. However following a successful backdated dla claim for DS we thought we could put this money towards the cost of the programme as that was money that we had not expected to get - (although there were many other things we would have liked to spend it on!) but in the end we thought it had to be worth a try. The twice daily grind of exercises whilst only taking about 10 minutes is a pain especially on top of the nagging I have to do to get DS to do anything he doesn't want to do, homework etc. I'm constantly having to think up incentive schemes. He does know that it is all supposed to be for his own good but it is a big commitment - the worst thing was having to do them on holiday. However, I am still hopeful that it will work and help him in the long run even if it just helps a bit. There are a couple of other people on MN who are doing the prgramme as well and are further down the line than me so it would be interesting to hear from them. Sorry to go on so much. Hope it helps anyway.

Glassofwine · 11/09/2006 19:59

I've also been in contact with them, but I'm afraid that the cost and the daily grind put me off - I guess if I could guarantee it would work then we'd find a way.

LIZS · 11/09/2006 20:05

Friend was telling me about it a few weeks ago. Her child had had an assessment but you have to do the exercises every day religiously so big time commitment and it costs £££.

Blossomhill · 11/09/2006 20:11

It's just so tempting to do isn't it?

I am just worried that as you say getting dd interested.
We did go to Bibic and after a couple of months it was so hard to get dd to do her sensory programme.

OP posts:
Blossomhill · 11/09/2006 20:11

QB ~ have you seen any progress with your ds?

OP posts:
QueenBodicea · 11/09/2006 20:50

BH. I believe it is helping him a bit as his writing has got a bit neater/more legible and as a consequence he is not so reluctant to write e.g. he went away with the cubs in the holidays and actually kept a diary which was optional and only three of them did. That would have been unheard of before. However, as there has been no dramatic change and theres still a long way to go before his writing catches up with his peers - if it ever will do - it is hard to put any progress made down to the programme or just him maturing a bit and perhaps hard work at school paying off. I think his behaviour is becoming more manageable but then again that could be down to him growing up a bit. Now that we are doing the programme we have to keep believing in it to keep us going IYSWIM. I would so love it to work and then I could be all evangelical about it but we are not there yet!

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