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hi new here

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ferretmad · 31/08/2006 12:54

hi my name is melanie, i have 2 children, Jamie who is 19 months and Mollie who is 3 and a half and has diplegic cerebral palsy.

we are finding it really difficult with mollie at the moment.
We live in a 2 bed council flat with no garden and right next to a duall carriagway.
molli eshares a room with her brother and has been a complete nightmare.
she will wake him up several times a night to play, she takes his nappy off (worst is when he's pooed), she will pull his bedclothes off the bed with him on them so he falls on the floor.
We have had jamie in hospital 5 times in 5 months because of mollies behaviour but the council refuse to re-house us as we are not classed as a priority.

Neither of them can play outside as there is no garden just busy roads, and it is important for mollie as she need excercises on her legs.

Other than that she is doing well in nursery 2 full days a week, my health visitor got her a place under a grant when she was 2, she wears splints on her legs, see's a physio quite regularly and is generally a sweet little angel.

OP posts:
Thomcat · 31/08/2006 13:21

Hi Ferretmad, welcome to mumsnet. Blimey you sound in dire need of a new home. Hope it gets sorted asap.

Mollydolly · 31/08/2006 13:21

Hi Ferret,

I have two DD's and DD2 who is 14 months has mild right hemiplegia. I really feel for you it must be hard work. Are mollie's nocturnal antics anyhing to do with CP? Or is she just a nocturnal type? I only ask because DD2 who was previously a good sleeper, has started to wake up in the night wanting to play! Little darling!!

SparklyGothKat · 31/08/2006 13:24

Hi, I have 3 children, 2 who have spastic diplegia CP. I have managed to move twice because the houses weren't suitable for the kids. I moved once when DS was 2 1/2 years and Dd1 wasn't born at the time. Then again last month as the house wasn't suitable for 2 disabled kids. If you need any help, gimme a shout and I'll tell you who to contact etc.

coppertop · 31/08/2006 13:29

Welcome to mumsnet, ferretmad. I hope you can get some help with being re-housed. It was a happy day on mumsnet when SparklyGothKat finally got the good news about her house move.

ferretmad · 31/08/2006 13:41

hi sparklygothkat, yes please can you give me some information about who to contact.

I have so far had my dd's peadiatrition, health visitor, doctor, physio and occupational therapist write to the council expressing that dd should not be living here.
I have also contacted 3 local mp's but they didn't help, i am so desperate to move, but the council dont see my dd's condition as a problem, and even though we live on the ground floor, to get into the flats you have to walk up several steps, which means i have to carry dd and ds up the steps at the same time.

OP posts:
ferretmad · 31/08/2006 13:43

oops sorry mollydolly, forgot to say, mollie wakes up during the night because her legs get stiff and painful so we have to do physio on her but after we leave the room she will go and wake her brother up.

OP posts:
2shoes · 31/08/2006 14:12

hi ferratmad and wellcome
My dd is 11 and has afetoid cp. can;t help at moment as not come across the waking with her
we did get rehoused though when she was about 4 into a HA disabled access house

SparklyGothKat · 31/08/2006 15:16

HI, I would also contact Social services, who will send someone to assess your housing situation. They have a lot of clout with the council and you should be awarded protity (sp??) for housing. How does your council work?? points or bidding??

ferretmad · 31/08/2006 17:08

my council works on points.
How do i go about contacting social services

OP posts:
Saker · 31/08/2006 22:13

Hello and welcome

I'm sorry you are having such a hard time - it's seems mad the way they sort out housing. I hope you get something sorted soon.

SparklyGothKat · 31/08/2006 22:49

You could search for your local SS office on the website. I used an OT from SS from the disabled children dept, who came and assessed the house and the children. They wrote to the council medical team and we were awarded maximum medical points, which put us at the top of the list.

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