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One to make you chuckle

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springgreens · 29/08/2006 11:03

I know all boys do it (everyone keeps saying this), but ds has discovered the joys of fiddling with his willy and I'd like to know how best to keep it under control. I'm happy to accept a bit of messing around in appropriate places - i.e the bath - but I was quite the other day when I turned around in Tescos and everything was on show . Also did it when we went round to my friends for the evening, which amused them greatly (with talk of 'Pocket Billiards!!!')

Please, has anyone any tips? Thanks

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Ags · 29/08/2006 14:39

No tip as we are obviously at the same stage but wanted to share the embarrassment!

In pub restaurant in Ireland for lunch with sister-in-law. Loads of old people out for the pensioners special. Turn around and my ds (2.11) has his willy out and in his hand. Ask him what he is doing and he proudly and loudly says "I'm fiddling with my willy cos it is all big"!

desperateSCOUSEwife · 29/08/2006 14:40

tell him the pigeons will peck it off
if he has it on show
in an amusing way

fattiemumma · 29/08/2006 14:44

again, no advice just sympathy.
ds is almost 6 but functions on around the same level as your DS.

He seems to be fascinated with trying to poke it back in again.
I tell him its rude and make him go all the way upstairs to wash his hands....i am hopeing he will get so fed up of the traipsing upstairs he will stop doing it.

mind you he does mak me chuckle sometimes with the things he says....asked him waht he as doing the other day and he said "its got big and im trying to make it small again"

southeastastra · 29/08/2006 14:46

my five year old pulled his trousers down the other day in tesco. my mil tells me to tell him that a bird will peck it off!

Pixel · 29/08/2006 19:05

My 6 yo is obsessed with his willy too. We are at the stage of potty training where he will use the potty fairly reliably (just started happening this week hurrah!)as long as he is naked from the waist down. Everytime we try putting clothes back on he wets himself (or worse) so of course his 'bits' are very accessible atm!

Blandmum · 29/08/2006 19:08

I know of a school that uses a 'no hands' picture as a prompt not to fiddle! Not sure how that would work in Tescos though. Puts a whole new meaning on 'every little helps'

Davros · 29/08/2006 20:17

How's his receptive language? We just said "hands up" and put our hands up to model over and over and over. The worst thing was when DS started falling to the floor and "wriggling" on his front talk about embarrassing . I used to hoik him up and not let him lie down, he was younger then.....

Jimjams2 · 29/08/2006 20:21

I say "trousers up" pull them up and keep on walking.

DS1 went through a phase last term of trying to get his bum sticking out of his trousers without anyone noticiing then he'd kill himself as soon as we said "trousers up"

Davros- I am DREADING the humping stage......

And as for the "m" word- oh god save me. Dh reckons he might not work it out.

Davros · 29/08/2006 20:24

ah yes, dry humping, that's the phrase I was looking for We used to do wedgies and march DS home if we were near enough, that was for pulling trousers down to wee though, its all coming back, aaaaaggghhh!

Jimjams2 · 29/08/2006 21:37

Hmm pulling trousers down to wee in public has just commenced here...... There must be an autistic rule book somewhere.

eidsvold · 30/08/2006 05:32

sorry but to a mum with girls - this did raise a chuckle BUT then I thought - OMG what would I do if I had a ds and he did that......

so my sympathy but no advice.

ScummyMummy · 30/08/2006 06:01

'Dh reckons he might not work it out.'
lol. men are so hopeful and naive! (terrible stereotype- soz Mr jimjams!)

lol @ all these stories actually. It's odd how autism does add that special layer of difficulty to universal developmental stages- in a way all this is as universal and nt as you can get but kids with autism can sometimes be so bad at repression...

Jimjams2 · 30/08/2006 08:17

I think dh can't bear to think abut it scummy! I already have my response sorted "in bedroom" or something like that

I remember visiting an SLD school in Japan and one of the boys got - ahem - rather excited. The staff were horrified (I think they thought I would be offended or something), little did I know it was good practice for future life.....

springgreens · 30/08/2006 09:46

Thank you all. I've been blocking his hand as he puts it down his trousers and sometimes say 'no touching' although I know the latter is quite reinforcing. Already when I shake my head when he's fiddling he says 'no touching' in a cheeky way hoping for that familiar response from me. I just wish he could exhaust his fascination in the bath etc where it feels more appropriate to let him get on with it.

Davros - my friends son has started humping everything and he's a preschooler. Hope we can avoid this one for as long as poss!

I saw some adults with SN at our local pool the other day and one of them was getting quite frisky in the jacuzzi. It heightens my need to try and get some kind of boundaries drawn out about this a.s.a.p. Bloody hard one though.

Thanks for your help

OP posts:
springgreens · 01/09/2006 10:42

Its funny how the answer to some problems are often right under your nose!
Thank the lord for dungarees if anyone has a link for all-in-one mini lycra catsuits would appreciate you letting me know.

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