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Simpsons and Pizza

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jenk1 · 22/08/2006 10:23

Its a well known fact that children with ASD have a fascination with the Simpsons.
DS has been mithering us to order him a pizza from Dominos (the sponser of Simpsons) for months so yesterday was pizza day on his food timetable and he asked for Domino,s and i didnt have an excuse and i also had forgotten to buy him a pizza for tea.

So i found where the nearest 2 dominos were and off we went in the car.
COuld we find it?
We spent an hour driving round with DS crying in the back "just keep on driving its got to be Dominos"
We eventually found one after about 1 and a half hours drive and then we had to wait half an hour as they were really busy because the bl..dy simpsons were on tv and i didnt realise that people order them through sky or NTL.
We eventually sat down to eat at 9pm last night.

The things we have to put up with eh?

OP posts:
MatNanPlus · 22/08/2006 10:25

Glad you finally got there and i take it the pizza was fine.

Davros · 22/08/2006 18:09

I've never heard about children with ASD having a particular fascination with The Simpsons (I do though!). Doh!

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