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Twiglett · 20/08/2006 13:47

I'm really sorry that for even one second you thought you had anything at all to do with me deciding to take a break .. if I'd have come back to look at my bowing out thread before I'd have responded immediately.

Honestly it was nothing to do with you (and tbh I can't imagine how you could think it would be .. I think the thread you thought had prompted me was totally justifiable and worthy of discussion)

but I wanted to apologise for making you feel uncomfortable for even a second .. sorry matey

OP posts:
SherlockLGJ · 20/08/2006 15:19


Twiglett · 21/08/2006 18:52

want to bump so fio sees this ...

OP posts:
MrsFio · 22/08/2006 08:33

oh twiglett, that is very sweet of you I am soooooo pleased I did not upset you!

But.......I do want you to know that I want you and everyone to post on the special needs board!!!!!!!! You know alot of us have problems we need people without special needs children to either advise on or contribute to, I think I had lost sight of all that to be honest. Sorry please accept my apology (I couldnt CAT you btw as I havent paid)

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