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Everybodys different

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jambuttie · 02/08/2006 15:58


I am looking for this book if anyone can help me out.

We borrowed it from the autism library and Dt1 had ripped it but think he has also binned it, I need to replace it for the library and not sure where I can buy it.

I also got my brother is different for DS1(4.5yrs) to help him try and understand a wee bit more and it was fantastic, just wanted to share that

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Pisces · 02/08/2006 20:57

Everybody's different

jambuttie · 02/08/2006 21:21

Thank you thankyou

now i can replace the damaged copy

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Pisces · 02/08/2006 21:24

I had another thought Jambuttie, if it is the Autisim library, maybe they get it from a special supplier that gives them discount - ask them first. They may let you replace it at a much lower price.

jambuttie · 03/08/2006 08:58

Thanks pisces. They have said it would cost £9.99 to replace but to try elsewhere 1st

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