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Parents of SN teens - would you want your child helped in these circumstances?

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Milliways · 23/07/2006 20:11

Was waiting for DD in public loos when heard a lot of noise from shut cubicle (turned out to be frustration noises). Then came the cries of "Dad, Dad" which were unanswered. Then a head appears around door, sees me and quickly shuts it.

Another cry for Dad is unheard (Loos are down steps) so when she puts head out again I ask if I can help. Eventually the teenage girl (who has CP) admits that her trousers are stuck and she cannot dress herself. My DD thinks we should just go

I offer to help & check again before touching her, and her trousers had no button/zip, just pull up & were VERY tight. I was aware that had her Dad got worried & come in he would have found me VERY close to his daughter, in an embarrasing state. The poor child was v.embarrassed but grateful.

There as no way I could have left her, but if you were Mum/Dad would you rather I had tried to find you to come in & help?

OP posts:
SminkoPinko · 23/07/2006 20:16

If I was her mum/dad I would be extremely grateful. I think you did a wonderful, difficult thing in a very sensitive way, ensuring that you checked with the girl at every point. You are a star.

SminkoPinko · 23/07/2006 20:18

Mind you, I'm not a parent of a teenager with special needs. I've worked with teenagers in this position though and think that the fact that she accepted your help in this most embarrassing of situations speaks volumes- you must come across as trustworthy and sensitive.

Milliways · 23/07/2006 20:19


It might have helped that she did see that I had a teenage DD with me.

I hope she asked her Dad for some new trousers.

OP posts:
nikkie · 23/07/2006 22:09

Poor girl

eidsvold · 23/07/2006 23:10

If it was my dd1 - I would be very grateful that you helped her.

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