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Help with splashing

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Mitford · 21/07/2006 13:08

My stepson is 5 with a Global Development Delay. He loves water and bathtime is one of his favourite parts of the day. Unfortunately this means that he gets rather over-excited and ends up splashing water everywhere, flooding the bathroom!
We've tried a shower curtain but he just pulls it aside and I'm beginning to worry about the room getting a major damp problem.
Does anyone here have any tips?
Soggy of Brighton

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my2shoesare2hot · 21/07/2006 14:23

no tips sorry
dd does this a bit as she finds it's funny.
iam in brighton as well.

FioFio · 21/07/2006 14:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Mitford · 21/07/2006 15:09

Has anyone had any success with any "logical" intervention i.e. taking the child out of the bath as soon as they start splashing (though this would mean restricting DS to a roughly 4 second bathtime).

Hello 2shoes, nice to see a fellow Brightonian TheBoy is just coming to the end of his first year in one of the local special schools and loves it.

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charleypopspreviouslyntt · 21/07/2006 17:10

How about redesigning it as a wet room? then he could make as much mess as he likes and it would all drain away

my2shoesare2hot · 21/07/2006 17:12

which one (initials will do)

Pixel · 21/07/2006 20:02

Hi, my boy is just finishing his second year at a Brighton special school(DV). He too splashes a bit too zealously in the bath and I wonder if it's because the school has a splash pool as well as a proper swimming pool. I've been taking him out of the bath as soon as he starts sloshing water over the side and he is getting a bit better now.

sphil · 21/07/2006 21:56

I'd like to know the school too, Mitford, if that's OK. We're currently doing the rounds of special schools in East Sussex, though less likely to get DS2 into Brighton ones as we live in Lewes ( outside the catchment area since Brighton and Hove became a unitary authority - pants!)

stapo1 · 21/07/2006 22:50

Our ds2 has water & pouring obsession, it has taken a long time, its been gradual training.
Sticking to our word & him learning the consequences. He is starting to learn if he pours water onto the floor his bath ends.
We have got rid of the carpet & tiled the floor though!
Good luck

my2shoesare2hot · 21/07/2006 23:09

sphil what kid of sn school are you looking for

Mitford · 24/07/2006 11:45

TheBoy is at DV as well! I have to say that our experience of it has been excellent. He gets a huge amount of one-to-one, his speech has come on enormously and he goes off really happy every morning.

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