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jenk1 · 17/07/2006 19:08

Went to see a school today that we want DS to go to, as they have been fobbing me off i decided to go in and see if i could have a chat with the Headteacher.

She fobbed me off, she understands that i want DS to go into school and understands that he is SN, but she needs to liase with LEA SEN dept and that guess what but she,s Leaving at the end of the week and another head is taking her place so i can kiss goodbye to getting a place for DS before Sep now.

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emmalou78 · 17/07/2006 19:29

Dear Jenks LEA.

Sort out the are sized cck up your making of Jenk-sons education you useless bunch of nutcrackers. Otherwise, I and as many other mumsnetters I can rally will be marching on your offices at dawn...

lots of love


Seriously though, for you and your ds jenk, this is just ridiculous I can't believe its been left to youto sort him a school for september when all of this is because of their stupid and shcoking mishandling of your sons situation.

I really hope you can either get things sorted ASAP or forget about it for 6 weeks and just enjoy your summer

take care


jenk1 · 17/07/2006 20:26

Thats hilarious emma, ive just read it out to DH and he laughed too.

Seriously though, why are they acting like im naming a school on a statement, he,s not even statemented FGS.

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emmalou78 · 17/07/2006 20:47

Jenk, I think you need to move county!
Or, find out who your local inclusion officer is, explain to them what the situation is,and why you think its being mismanaged and hopefully they'll help...

I foundours via the SEN section of the county council website, I only hope yours is so easy to track down!

Are there any other small schools he could go to? just ring up or call in and ask for the form... exlain that he has AS, and you have a priavte psych on baord who can help you with regard ot liasing to manage support and/or strategies etc for him.

And have you applied for a statement? I ean at least if you could name a school or get him a place in a specialist unit a lot of this hassle wouldbe over with.

fattiemumma · 17/07/2006 21:15

get in touch woith your local parent partnership.
the will be able to give you a hose who at the LEA and you cn then spen the next week phoning them unitl their ears bleed.

how old is your LO? do they have a statement? if so the school has no option but to take your DS.
the headteacher needoing to liase is complete nonsense. all they would need to do is sort out any extra teaching provision that they would need to supply and that could be done once you have a position.

jenk1 · 18/07/2006 21:02

I phoned PP today and told them what the head had said and she said it sounds like the head doesnt want to take on any more hassle as she,s retiring on Friday.
So she suggested that i phone the LEA SEN Manager who came to the meeting last week so i did and she said "why exactly do you want him to go to a new school, why not send him to the new one that he,s already registered at?"
So i explained that the new school will be 3 times the pupils and that DS couldnt cope with the old school which was a lot smaller and she said "but i spent yesterday afternoon arranging for his reintegration at XX school, please will you consider this school"
and she tried the "all his friends are at this school"
to which i replied "He has friends and a cousing which go to the school that we want him to"
She asked us to reconsider as she has done a lot of work to get him into this school so i told her that i would have a chat with DS and DH.

So we had a chat with DS and he said he is willing to try the school that the LEA want him to go to , so thats that.

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