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advice needed about a special service for boy who died

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2shoes · 14/07/2006 22:10

dd is 11 and goes to a sn school. a little boy died a few weeks ago. not a close friend but someone she knew.
the school are having a special service(second one) with his parents there. dd doesn't give me a straight answer as to whether she wants to go(she has a choice)
I am not to sure what to do. it is so hard for her a couple of years ago her friend died (he was 9) so I think it is too much.
I know this is not the best place to put this but I don't want to get all emotional as I am trying to keep a distance iynwim as it is so hard

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charleypopspreviouslyntt · 14/07/2006 22:23

Maybe she's not giving you a straight answer because she doesn't really want to go or face up to what's happened? You probably know to trust your instincts, thinking it might be too much for her

coppertop · 14/07/2006 22:31

I agree with charleypops. I think you need to go with your instincts on this one. It must be incredibly tough for a child to lose 2 friends by the age of 11.

2shoes · 14/07/2006 22:41

not just 2 another girl died who goes to her respit place. thought i was being so clever didn't tell her.(people leave move ect) then she was taken to a special service
this is the 5th child since she has been at the school(one she didn't know)

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FioFio · 15/07/2006 07:47

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