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Oh my word the LEA have surpassed themseleves this time

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jenk1 · 11/07/2006 13:44

LIes lies lies lies.

Just got the papers for our tribunal hearing in Sep.
LEA,s reasons for declining an asessment for DS are PATHETIC.
They have listed reasons as : Mr and Mrs Jenk1 have declined the help we have set up for DS,- yes the help that was set up after he had been out of school for nearly 2 months, Mr and Mrs Jenk consider DS to be AS, I myself as the SENCO do not consider DS to have AS and i have seen no evidence that he is unhappy and anxious, he is a hard working boy.
An 8 year old classmate friend of DS is "able to approach any teacher if she feels that DS is showing signs of anxiety"
Well thats ok then, what are the SENCO,s there for if an 8 year old girl can do the job.
It just proves that the SENCO is as good as a chocolate teapot if she is relying on an 8 year old to spot what she obviously cant.
Every single year we have been in to see the Head teacher re DS being bullied, but there is no evidence to suggest that this has taken place, no because they have omitted the letters and meetings that have taken place and i wasnt as aware of the way that schools can be and didnt take notes. GRRR im so angry, i want to knock the SENCO out!!! - well no, i obviously wont but i feel like doing so.
My IPSEA rep said to me this morning that this is normal practice for LEA,s and schools and that they do this all the time, but not to worry.


I feel better for doing that!!!!

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Scummy · 11/07/2006 13:49

Does he not have a diagnosis, jenk1?

apronstrings · 11/07/2006 13:57

Just to let you know you are not the only one out there - I raised concerns about my daughter when she was still 4 (in receptio) and she got her statement last year (she is 10 now)

I found it soooo frustrating - was told for 2 years she was immature and for another year ( by the senco) that she had dyslexia (she doesn't).

When she was about 7-8 things changed for us - at a meeting with her teacher that I had requested they suddenly said they were really worried ...FFS!!! since then we have found everyone relatively supportive.

robinpud · 11/07/2006 14:13

jenk- sorry to hear of your position. I don't know how these things work but guess you will be appealing in some way. I would be horrified if my opinion as a class teacher was used in such a way. I am not qualified to say whether or not a child has AS; I might be able to list the traits indicative of that condition that the child displays in the classroom setting.
Is this SENCo also a qualified in child development etc? Normally SENCos are just an ordinary teacher who have undertaken specific training to fulfill the legal requirements of the role rather than make diagnoses.....

AttilaTheMeerkat · 11/07/2006 15:33


Bloody hell - as if you don't already have enough to cope with.

They have indeed certainly surpassed themselves here haven't they?.

Another child has to tell teacher if your son is showing signs of anxiety?. Bloody hell!!.

Would love to know what a developmental paed would make of SENCO's comments. Would think such a person would be very angry. Indeed this SENCO is about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Hopefully going to Tribunal will sort them out.

Can well believe this is par for the course for LEA's.

Longer term though I would seriously consider sending DS to another school. This lot clearly are not up to the task.

coppertop · 11/07/2006 15:43

Whether the SENCO believes that ds has AS is irrelevant - unless she's secretly a Dev Paed masquerading as a SENCO!

Why should another child have the responsibilty of telling the teacher when ds is anxious? Won't she be busy doing her own work and playing with her own friends? As a parent I'd be pleased that my dd was looking out for another child but would be furious if she was expected to take on the role of full-time carer at school.

What a joke!

Socci · 11/07/2006 17:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

jenk1 · 11/07/2006 17:44

Hiya, have been out for the afternoon with DH, just the 2 of us-was really nice

Right, DS was dx,d by a specialist psychologist that we paid privately for.
The original clinical psychologist that he saw said yes to AS but then her superior overuled her and said no-just Autistic Traits so we went private.

We have IPSEA coming to tribunal as well as the private psych called as a witness, he is also coming to the meeting on Thursday with us and he used to be an IPSEA rep so knows his stuff.

I have left him a message telling him what the SENCO has said re DS not having AS and am waiting for his reply which i can just imagine what it will be.

OP posts:
jenk1 · 11/07/2006 17:45

I dont know how these people sleep at night, i cant believe the rubbish they come out with, where are their consciences?

OP posts:
SlightlyFamiliarPeachyClair · 11/07/2006 17:51

he is a hard working boy. And? Are AS / HFA kids lazy now then?

An 8 year old classmate friend of DS is "able to approach any teacher if she feels that DS is showing signs of anxiety"
Well thats ok then, what are the SENCO,s there for if an 8 year old girl can do the job.

Excuse me? So bloody what, they shouldn't be relying on other kids because they are too arse lazy to do the work themselves.

As you know have had some experience of this, and have only sympathy and anger to give you.

So waht about the private Ed Psych reports???? FGS

(the current crap we get is 'Sam chose not to use the time out facility'- erm no, coz it was offered for a few weeks in January and was an outside picnic table that has been removed anyway. The difference is, I have a great Paed now and ama ctively looking for flounce excuses).

if you knock out the SENCO, make sure you use a stone with Sponge Bob painted on it.

jenk1 · 11/07/2006 17:54

Ha ha ha ha , hilarious love it!!!!

I might just say to her in a very loud voice on Thursday BARNACLES

OP posts:
Pixiefish · 11/07/2006 17:55

Sorry you are going through this jenk. It's so unfair. These people go home at night and forget their day's work while you are never off 'duty'. You have my total sympathy and I hope you get it resolved xx

jenk1 · 11/07/2006 17:56

Attila- do you know what the next good bit of news is?

On saturday i received the prospectus for the new school as the one that DS is registered at is shutting in 2 weeks and they are all transferring across to the new one and the SENCO is, wait for it .......


Thats just flippin great then

OP posts:
SlightlyFamiliarPeachyClair · 11/07/2006 18:06

You could do what we did with ds1 and just refuse to allow him contact with senco, he (or his brothers) will never ecver be in a class taught by his class tutor again- although their SENCO seems OK

Socci · 11/07/2006 18:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

AttilaTheMeerkat · 11/07/2006 18:27

n saturday i received the prospectus for the new school as the one that DS is registered at is shutting in 2 weeks and they are all transferring across to the new one and the SENCO is, wait for it .......
Hi jenk1

re your comment:-

Well that's just bloody marvellous that is.

Laughed muchly at the Spongebob stone comment, that was brill!.

Having met a LEA employee myself at DS's IEP review this arvo I can share some of your frustrations, these people just meekly toe the party line. They show no concern for parents.

I just told her that I was unhappy that it has taken so long to get the revised statement written up. I am now in dispute with the LEA as they in their infinate wisdom have decided to reduce his level of support . I knew they were going to do this only when I phoned them up and got no straight answer to my direct question. No mention was made of this proposed change at his annual review last November . Anyway that's quite enough of my particular Sword of Damocles.

Its just as well I don't drink!!.

jenk1 · 11/07/2006 18:30

Thanks pixie

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