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Apologise in advance to Davros ..... really liked this poem that was given to me...

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Blossomhill · 20/06/2006 16:43

at a recent talk I went to on Adhd. The speaker handed out sheets and on it was this poem:-

Child mental health problems often dismissed
Other hidden disabilities often go missed
God gifted us with a child to love and share
Help us to manage, cope and to care

What is a label, what's in a name
Look at their need, your target and aim
Remember the child's dignity, it is not a game
Children need love to be cherished and adored
Not to be excluded, dismissed or ignored

We love our child, he is our son
Like the first day we nursed him on the day he was born
For as long as we are alive, we will always be there
Providing out love, support and care

Sorry that it does have some sickly bits in it. I just liked the fact it addressed "hidden" disabilities.

OP posts:
redbull · 20/06/2006 18:05

i really love it blossomhillSmile
It rings many bells how we feel about ds

merlot · 21/06/2006 15:27


Not my cuppa, I like the sentiments but not keen on the poetic side!! I still love `Welcome to Holland'...and I am still partial to the odd bit of schmaltz, but I dare say you are right...Davros will probably have her fingers down her throat as we speak!

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