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Spomsors needed for London-Brighton - money goes to Downs Syndrome Assoc

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Thomcat · 16/06/2006 14:20

My friends are doing the London to Brighton bike ride this Sunday. Money collected is for the Down's Syndrome Association. They are a little short of their target so if you think you could spare a couple of quid then please log on to :
\link{\this link} and donate online.

Every penny helps.
Many thanks.
TC x

OP posts:
deegward · 16/06/2006 14:25

Thomcat, done sorry just a little, but hope it helps. x

Thomcat · 16/06/2006 14:28

Massively appeciated. Amount so doesn't matter. if everyone we knew gave a few pennies we could get them to their target. Thanks so much deegward Smile

OP posts:
Thomcat · 16/06/2006 14:32

Deegward you mad woman just saw your donation and bless you. that's more than enough. Very generous. Thank you so much.

OP posts:
deegward · 16/06/2006 14:36

bumpy bump bump

cadbury · 16/06/2006 14:51

have done so Smile

Dingle · 16/06/2006 14:54

Thomcat, can't help at the moment sorry hunny. All cashed out with Amelia's therapies myself!!!Angry
As well as fundraising for our local DS group and running the race for life I cannot stretch myself any further before I snap!Wink

Wishing all the best of luck for the bike ride and the sponsorship hunny.

Bumpity bump!

Thomcat · 16/06/2006 15:01

Thank you so much Cadbury, bless you.

And no worries at all Dingle, eally appreciate your post though, I know you're doing more than enough yourself. Smile

OP posts:
SaintGeorge · 16/06/2006 15:21

Seriously skint Sad. I have some cash in paypal but the site doesn't take it, unless you can take it Thomcat and donate for me maybe.

Bumping thread for you though.

Thomcat · 16/06/2006 16:37

Don't worry Saintgeorge. charilty has to begin at home when you're really skint. Thanks for acknowledging the thread. Smile

OP posts:
cadbury · 16/06/2006 18:52


onlyjoking9329 · 16/06/2006 19:52

Bump, best of luck.

Ellbell · 16/06/2006 20:26

Just bumping this for you TC. I have added some sponsorship. Hope it all goes well for them.

Thomcat · 16/06/2006 21:45

Big up the mumsnet girls Grin

You're great.
Thanks so much.

OP posts:
Thomcat · 16/06/2006 23:06

bump before bed

OP posts:
QueenBodicea · 16/06/2006 23:47

Have added my bit. I like to support the DSA. It has helped our family out in the past. My nephew has DS. He is now 20 and a fine young man :)
Hope all goes well on Sunday.

Ellbell · 17/06/2006 00:37

Come on gals. They only need another £70 now.

Bumpity bump.

nursetigger6 · 17/06/2006 02:05

I have done my bit, just hoping you get enough, i'm sorry I can't afford any more otherwise I would have cleared the £70 for you, fingers crossed you hit the jackpot in time!!!Let us knoe how they get on!

nursetigger6 · 17/06/2006 02:07

know not knoe!

Thomcat · 17/06/2006 12:01

Thanks very much.
Bumping it again.

OP posts:
maggiems · 17/06/2006 18:11

I have added a bit . hope the ride goes well and the target is reached

beansontoast · 17/06/2006 18:24

bump...its the most i can do im afraid x

AttilaTheMeerkat · 17/06/2006 18:44

Tis done

I wish them well for tomorrow


P.s Happy Birthday to me!!:)


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Thomcat · 17/06/2006 22:03

Thank you everyone so, so much.
Wow, thank you.

Please can I just say a very special thank you to Atillathemeerkat.
That ws incredibly generous and just such a nice thing to do. I actually cried when i saw that you had done an amount to make it so they got to their target. big lump in the throat that ther are such kind people in the world.

No mattr what you gave though, thank you everybody for helping, for your support and generoristy.

Feel very proud of mumsnet right now Smile

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