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Mobility car or not.......

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anniebear · 01/06/2006 09:09

not sure if to get one or just take out a loan and get our own car and pay it back with the mobility money??

I just think if we get a motability one, if and when the payments stopped or we went on to low rate we would have no car and no money to buy one

Also worried about the wear and Tear. Our car was outside the house for 5 mins and it had been scratched


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FioFio · 01/06/2006 09:14

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FioFio · 01/06/2006 09:15

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misdee · 01/06/2006 09:19

you can use the mobility money to get finance as well for some garages. hth.

if dd2 ever does get awarded then i will be purchasing a car for the last 3 years (going to appeal atm), am hoping she will get it at some point. i cant take her out without a car.

Cappucino · 01/06/2006 10:04

someone did once tell me that the motability people were really strict inspecting for every little detail, then charging for it

the people who told me that did tend to be moaning b*ggers though

and having seen what hefting a wheelchair in and out of my car has done to it over two years, not to mention everything else...

tbh having looked at what we paid for the car after shopping round for deals I don't actually think motability would have been a good deal for us.

anniebear · 01/06/2006 17:03

I am more worried , that even though we have the award for quite a few years, if it stops or she went on to lower rate, we wouldn't have a car and than wouldnt be able to afford a decent one or afford to take out much of a loan to pay for one

Not sure if I am making much sense!!!

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2shoes · 01/06/2006 18:18

we have just been through our inspection and Motability are much more understanding about wear and tear. well worth giving them a ring to discuss your concerns. to get a motability car you have to have an award that has a certain time to run(not sure how long)

Cappucino · 01/06/2006 22:12

2shoes I think they altered it recently to just a year

2shoes · 01/06/2006 22:19

thats good but how do they then work out if you are going to continue to get the high rate. In our case it is easy as she will never walk and has cp. but it's now always that clear

anniebear · 02/06/2006 16:23

I thought it had to be 3 years

Elie will be just turned 5 when we get it and have got it for a while

OP posts:
geekgrrl · 02/06/2006 16:28

I looked into this a few months ago but it didn't actually seem like good value at all. The interest rate is high and you have to pay a hefty initial payment if you want anything bigger than a Corsa-sized car. And then what if your mobility isn't renewed?!
Seems ok for people who have a life-long condition that serious limits mobility, but not so good for the likes of you and me with our kiddies who might not get the higher rate in 3 years' time.

anniebear · 02/06/2006 19:10

we have just got it for 7 years Shock

Haven't a clue why. I was honest and wrote in black and white that Ellie can walk

We have a picasso at the mo and would want another another I think

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clumsymum · 02/06/2006 19:35

I am on my 3rd motability car (for me, it's MY DLA), and I find it isn't a hassle at all.

In the last 2 years they are much less worried about the wear and tear, accepting that lifting wheelchairs in and out or whatever will cause marks and scratches. Any cosmetic fixes can be put right at the end of the lease, when you claim them on the insurance, paying just the excess (£60 if I remember correctly). This doesn't affect your next lease.

Also bear in mind that motability pays for all servicing and insurance, as well as the lease of the car, so that person who said it isn't good value seems to have overlooked that point.

I may go back to buying my own, using DLA to pay a loan next time, but I'm Very happy with motability, and find it an excellent scheme.

clumsymum · 02/06/2006 19:37

BTW I have a `1.8 Astra Automatic, and paid just £15 as a deposit, others to choose from with low or no deposits, so I'm afraid geekgrrl was wrong about that too.

anniebear · 02/06/2006 19:41


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