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SN children

I need help..

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eidsvold · 29/05/2006 12:58

Not sn - but need help - fab english mil sent a gorgeous hat for dd2 - lovely sun hat.. .and I have managed to lose it.... really don't want to tell her that - feel so bad Sad

Anyone going near a gap/baby gap and could look out for this hat??


I know you all have much more important things to do but thought if anyone was going anywhere near one - could you please have a little look.. have tried to find gap uk online but no success... will also be posting elsewhere for help.

Thanks - just desperate.

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Davros · 29/05/2006 20:56

I have been working up to going for ages. If I do, I'll have a look.

Thomcat · 29/05/2006 22:28

I have a voucher to spend in tere so if I go anytime soon will look out for you.

eidsvold · 29/05/2006 23:51

thank you so much - I really feel so bad that I have lost it - since MIL went to all the trouble to get the girls such gorgeous things....

That is one store I miss along with H and M - used to get fab things for dd1 there.

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AttilaTheMeerkat · 30/05/2006 07:46

I'll also have a look see for you when I visit a GAP/baby GAP store.

GAP do not have an online puchasing site in the UK :( - goodness knows why.

misdee · 30/05/2006 07:51

just checked ebay, nothing on there.

FioFio · 30/05/2006 08:13

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted

eidsvold · 30/05/2006 12:16

i am sure it was 12 - 18 months although 18 - 24 would be okay too as she is 18 months now.

Thanks so much again everyone.

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