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AS kids- and shoplifting- any experience?

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PeachyClair · 11/05/2006 11:50

Ok, I should probably more accurately put MY AS kid and shoplifting, oh and lying too.

DS1 has re-started the old shoplifiting thing, this time though even if caught in the act or found (as last night) in possesssion after, he swears blind wasn't him. To thee xtent of hysteria. teacher has had issues with this too, jhe was seen hurting another child, denied it endlessly. Black, to ds1, is white.

To top it off, DH hid the sweets so he and DS1 could return them friday, and DS1 got up in the middle of the night and ate them! Saved one for this morning, again I caught him, removed it from his mouth and he STILL swore he ahdn't Shock

The Ed Psych is due tomorrow ats chool so I will mention if I can, but any advice????????

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lilipad · 11/05/2006 14:52

thank god its not just mine,dd was caught shoplifting and swore blind it wasn't him, the shop in question banned him from there, but he went back in the other day, he just doesn't get it and won't own up to his actions, I'm with you all the way

PeachyClair · 11/05/2006 15:05

It's not just us then?


DS1 NEVER gets caught, unless by us (I normally frisk him at tills but forgot yesterday). I even stopped going out with the three of them because of this. Now it's come back it's Sad

And WHY can't they own up?

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