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musa · 28/04/2006 11:49

Just got back from the doctor's took ds for them to get refered for somebody to ascess him. I have alway's thought there is something wrong with him, as he is'nt like other children.

Our doctor is really good after asking me lot's of question's, and seeing the way he was she straight away phoned for a appointment telling them it was really urgent that he get's seen.

I feel so sorry for my ds, he is a happy boy until somebody talk's to him, when he does'nt want to be spoken to, but he is'nt like that with everybody, he does'nt talk much either. He as a few words, well i am expecting the worse to come when they ascess him. I feel like it's all my fault.

Im dreading when it come's to him going pre school this september, as i no he is not ready do i really have to send him?. I feel like crap at the moment, but at the same time im so glad i took him.

Thanks for reading this.

OP posts:
dinosaure · 28/04/2006 11:56

Aw, musa, it's not your fault, and although I know from experience that the whole assessment process seems very daunting, I felt masses better when we'd been through it and got the diagnosis and I felt able to start concentrating on helping my DS instead of beating myself up about it.

You've done exactly the right thing in taking him.

If he does need extra help at pre-school, then getting a diagnosis is a vital first step in securing this.

Good luck, and keep posting, as there are a lot of mums on special needs who know exactly how you feel at the moment.

redbull · 28/04/2006 12:25

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont feel like that musa,
when ds first got diagnosed with ASD i thought for ages it was my fault that i hadnt spent much time with (but i had 24 hours a day) i met other mums that had children with ASD and the same age as ds then i started to realise it was nothing that i had done or didnt do , ds was born with it.

IMO reall trully great mothers do have this guilt feeling with its natural as you have got great maternal feelings its natural feelings you are experiencing.

Once you get a diagnosis you will then fell 100 times better as you will see your child start to do things that you thought were the impossible because for each condition there is a special key that fits them and can unlock there potential as there is special ways of educting ou r VERY SPECIAL CHILDRENSmile

musa · 28/04/2006 12:30

Thank's guy's for your message's, im so glad im not alone. I will keep you all posted.

OP posts:
smurfet · 28/04/2006 12:40

hi musa,i've just gone thru the assesment stuff,dd was diagnosed 2wks ago with asd,and even tho i got the dx i was expecting it was still a shock but at least now i can push for all the help she needs,without a dx its alot harder!but remember its not ur fault,we're special mums with very special kids,thats my thoughts anyway!!!!

coppertop · 28/04/2006 12:45

Sorry you're feeling so down, Musa. :(

Don't forget that you don't have to send your ds to pre-school at all if it' not what you want.

As everyone else has already said, it is absolutely NOT YOUR FAULT!

coppertop · 28/04/2006 12:46

Just re-read that and it sounds as though I'm telling you off. Blush

anniebear · 28/04/2006 12:49

I'm scared CT!!!!!!!!!!!!! [GRIN]

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