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10 yr old son has possible AS

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rainmum · 16/04/2006 17:38

Last year we were told by his teacher that she has never taught anyone in all her years of teaching like our son. We know he is difficult and have expressed concerns at school for years and after explaining to our Doctor he reffered him onto educational psy. We were then reffered to Austic Clinic for assesment they did not feel he was AS but in their report it states that he does have indicators of difficulties consistent with a diagnosis of AS. They have sent school a behaviour checklist, i have just received a copy of this and they are saying he has no problems answered no to almost everything. I really upset about this " lacks best friends " he's never had a best friend not like his younger brother or sister. I would like to know who his best friend's are? anyone had similar problems and any advise?

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Sparklemagic · 16/04/2006 18:42

rainmum, are you convinced that he has definitely got AS?

I am sure someone more useful than me will be along, but wanted to answer your post.

Is it at all possible that he doesn't like school? My brother hated school, didn't do well, didn't read till late and certainly didn't have a 'best friend' (until secondary school). He's very intelligent and has done fantastically well in life, having the most interesting, varied, adventurous life of anyone I know!

He just hated school!

lars · 16/04/2006 18:58

rainmum, Are the school saying he has no problems? as his teacher has a different opinion by the sounds of things.
Is it not worth speaking to his teacher and the head/senco and go through the checklist together. I think this must be confusing for you. I know with my own ds it was very difficult to get the correct diagnoisis, but usually the school do express concerns when there is a problem, but of course they are not the experts here. hope this helps. larsxx

rainmum · 16/04/2006 19:09

Thanks i'm very sure he is AS i did not know what AS was until the ED Psy report arrived. We have met another child aged 10 with a diagnosis when he was 6 and he seems so much better than our son. His mother says our son is AS and also very motor clumsy. I know he hates school his teacher "shouts at him" when i raised this with them it was raising her voice to get his attention. I just want him to be happy at school and not come home and say "leave me alone i dont want to talk about it" I feel i'm making him hate me because its me sending him to school.

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lars · 16/04/2006 19:19

rainmum, My ds has been diagnoised this year at long last someone listened to me, he has ASD. I also know how a school can make you feel and my ds did hate his last school, but this wasn't clear to me until I changed his school. He was obvioulsy very unhappy with hs old school, no friends,etc, but had extreme behaviours which resulting in exclusions. In fact this was a very sad time for all of us as a family.

I can only say trust your insticts, if your not happy go further. Ds's old school didn't have a clue that he had a ASD, but once you know the diagnoisis it all becomes much clearer, why they react like they do.

Is the school supporting your ds enough?
Frustrations can also lead to difficulties within the classroom. larsxx

rainmum · 16/04/2006 19:26

Thanks Lars, I asked the school for a copy of checklist but they never copied it so i them had to ask the Clinic for one. School head filled in the checklist. I feel his teacher from last year who he had for 2 years would have been better at filling it in. The head spoke to me just before Easter Hols and said the only difference she has noted between all my children, is when she takes children for individual class work, he does not show any emotions to praise where my other children just glow. She also failed to mention this in any other comments. I'm trying to put a letter together to request a meeting with Head and school teacher asap.

OP posts:
lars · 16/04/2006 19:33

rainmum, I know with my ds he never says 'hello' or 'goodbye' and has to be prompted to wave goodbye.
I think the teacher should have filled it in or had some input at least. A meeting with the head is the best thing, be ready with your checklist and how it differs from yours, you have more idea because you are with your child 24/7. larsxx

rainmum · 16/04/2006 19:41

I,m trying to get him into another catchment school but we are waiting for appeal as school is capped. As you said, i'm now going by my own insticts now, i dont know if i'm doing right for wrong with him i just want fresh teaching eyes on him that will recongise his difficulties, teachers that have the experience of AS and can help us with a diagnosis.

OP posts:
rainmum · 16/04/2006 19:45

Thanks for listening and advise will do my own checklist.

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