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Have broke DS Heart

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jenk1 · 16/04/2006 11:06

In Nov last year we bought a lhasa apso puppy.

He is a lovely dog but very lively and needs a lot of attention.
He is very jealous of dd and steals her toys, wees on her etc, we took him to a dog behavioural person and it seemed to work but he has gone back to how he was.

So DH dad is having him, he lives in a big house with a massive garden and he loves the dog so we know he will be happy and spoilt.

But try telling that to DS, he has not stopped crying since we told him, FIL says he can take him out for walks but ive never seen him so distraught.

DH took him out yesterday and bought him a new game for his playstation but its not calmed him down, last night he insisted on sleeping with the dog downstairs so we let him.

Feel so cruel but we have no choice. Sad

OP posts:
Socci · 16/04/2006 11:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twokids · 16/04/2006 11:13

we had to rehaome our dog as dd was scared of animals when she was little really feel for you all:(

jenk1 · 16/04/2006 12:36

my neice has just come round, she 8 and very close to DS and the dog-she walks him round the block.

She,s stood in the back crying over the dog Sad

Oh i feel really cruel now.

OP posts:
macwoozy · 16/04/2006 16:04

Sad Will you be able to take your ds to your dh's dads house often so he could still see his dog or does he live too far?

jenk1 · 16/04/2006 20:03

no, he doesnt live far and DH goes at least once a week with the kids so he,ll still see him Smile

OP posts:
kid · 16/04/2006 20:13

You are doing it for all the right reasons. Your DS will get over it and will continue to see the dog. Much better that the dog is going to someone you know and that you can visit.
I really hope he comes to terms with it soon.

PutAPeachyInYourSimnelCake · 16/04/2006 21:08

You're doing the right thing, horrid as it seems. But it will take him some time. Poor mite Sad

For a complete opposite reaction have explained to ds that our beloved old cat is slowly dying and he just ignores us. Except cat not sying now. Oh no, it was easy to sort out when we realised DS was persuading him to drink the loo water with the bloo stuff in... the unexplained internal bleeding? stopped just like that.

Apaprently it looked like slush puppy.

jenk1 · 17/04/2006 09:36

oh peachy, i dont know whether to laugh or cry at your last post!!

OP posts:
PeachyClair · 17/04/2006 20:02

Laugh or go mad. Grin

cat's OK anyway.

jenk1 · 17/04/2006 20:54

Well, took the dog to FIL and he loves it, when we left he was running around the garden, FIL has been cuddling him and playing with him and DH younger brother said the dog can sleep on his bed tonight.

Phoned DS who is staying at my brothers tonight and told him and he is happier Smile

OP posts:
anteater · 17/04/2006 21:03

our dd (age 3) asks every day when Alfies coming back (ate 12 chickens and got spotted!) That was nearly a year ago..

kid · 17/04/2006 21:07

Glad your DS seems a bit happier about it.

Socci · 17/04/2006 23:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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