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First day at BIBIC.

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Dingle · 06/04/2006 18:26

I feel exhausted!!!!Shock So glad DH took days off and came with us.

Had SALT and OT this morning and the rest of the day was assessments, general development. Amelia did a Derbyshire test, amongst others.

I will be so interested what her report and targets will be. It's great to actually have someone identify her behavioural and sensory issues which up 'till now seem to just get brushed under the carpet.

Back for our second day tomorrow. Just hope it's worth all the money!Wink

OP posts:
misdee · 06/04/2006 18:27

how much is it?

coppertop · 06/04/2006 18:29

It sounds like you've had a very busy day! Good luck for tomorrow. Hopefully you'll get lots of info and ideas. :)

Dingle · 06/04/2006 18:40

We are hoping for part bursary, but if not it's £450 and they would want another assessment later in the year costing another £450.

Can't afford it, but for my sanity and Amelia's development, we can't afford not to. No OT input, no sensory input, no behavioural input, have recently stopped her physio and SALT is as good as non-existent. We already pay out for private SALT too.Angry

Amelia will hopefully be starting MS school in September and we are about to commence battle with the LEA to provide a statement. So a report from BIBIC will hopefully be a strong contribution towards this.

OP posts:
heartinthecountry · 06/04/2006 20:02

Glad it is going well Dingle.

I'm sure you have, but make sure you tell the therapists that see Amelia that you are trying for a statement and if possible to quantify how much input she needs from physio/SALT etc. As you can be damn sure the NHS therapists won't be able to/willing to and the only chance you have of getting the LEA to quantify this on a statement is if a professional has suggested it IYSWIM.

sphil · 06/04/2006 21:52

I would agree with that. When we went back in Feb the SALT there wrote us a separate report stating that DS2 needed weekly SALT. We know we won't get this from the NHS, but will def use it when we start the statementing process.

Dingle · 08/04/2006 09:01

I feel so shattered but it also feels as if I am ready to make a new positive start.

Lots of ideas to try out, off to buy a massager thingy and some odds and sods for a sensory box for Amelia. After nearly 4.5 years, I actually have been given some sensory advice!Grin

It will be rather hectic and will take a while to get some of the stragegies in place but at least we have an idea in what direction we should be going!

OP posts:
LadyTophamHatt · 08/04/2006 09:08

Hope you don't mind me butting in

Is there a website for BIBIC?
I mentioned it to my friend who's son is SN and she asked me to find out about it.


sylvm · 09/04/2006 11:43

Try this -

PutAPeachyInYourSimnelCake · 09/04/2006 12:33


they have a policy of never refusing a child on finance alone, and would look on you very kindly in your situation with their bursary scheme (full ones are available, first time I went the other family there the Dad was seriously ill and BIBIC were covering it, that's what their fundraising is for)

Go for it if you fancy it, and CAT me if you need to- as well as taking Sam, I worked with them at homeStart as they did ASD training for our volunteers which i had to arrange, and when I left work early (Ds3 wasn't growing whilst I was pg) I was in the process of building a relatinship woth them for our disabled famillies (parents and kids). I grew up near them and know they are just the best.

PutAPeachyInYourSimnelCake · 09/04/2006 12:37

Dingle- if you can get a massager let us know, need one for Sam but keep forgetting, for his sensory exercises.

Sam's firsta ssessment cost £800 Shock- ie a years' student grant- but we got it sponsored by someone and it was worth every penny.

The SALT is fab isn't she, but mke sure you get the report... we're having to chase for ours as she is so busy, but the waiting list here for SALT is 1 year (and all three ds's need it) so Paeds willing to acept her assessment that Sam is as a ten year old verbally, therefore pushing his mild learning disabilities into a more noticeable strand and boosting our plea for school support.

Dingle · 09/04/2006 13:02

Sorry I wasn't around to answer you question LadyTH, glad you've been pointed in the right direction.

Haven't managed to get a massager yet, will look in Boots next week, if not it will be out of Argos!!

Attacked Amelia with the electric toothbrush tough!Grin

OP posts:
LadyTophamHatt · 11/04/2006 10:31

Blimey...I forgot I asked thisBlush

Thanks ladies, I'll email her a link now.

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