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Medical notes

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fairydust · 02/01/2004 16:43

As most of you know my dd has cp.

Today she had her flu jab which all went fantasticlly well and there was hardly any tears.

The practice nurse who did the injection was very nice and i found her very easy to talk to (we've just moved to this practice see)

I found my self asking to see my medical notes from when my dd was born as i feel this is when the cp happened and it seems there are a few things that don't add up.

I know what some of you may be thinkng that i'm doing this for money - well i'm not i need to know for my own sanity just to put my mind at rest.

Anyway i've been givn the number to phone to get my medical records so will just have to see what happens.

OP posts:
coppertop · 02/01/2004 16:54

fairydust - I don't think people will think you're only after money. The records may be able to give you a clearer picture of what did or didn't happen. If mistakes were made and/or there was some form of negligence, you may be able to use the info to help prevent it happening to anyone else. Good luck. xxx

coppertop · 02/01/2004 17:02

Oops! There's an identical one to this that I didn't see.

Jimjams · 02/01/2004 17:07

pplus the fact- if there was negligence then why shouldn't your dd have compensation? Having money to buy specialist equipment can make her life that much easier- we all know the NHS doesn;t provide anywhere near enough stuff.

Good luck- and it might be worth contacting a lawyer fairly quickly if you hope to claim, as they will be able to make sure you don't miss any time limits and let you know how likely you are to be successful.

fairydust · 02/01/2004 17:16

well i've phoned them - i have to write them a letter t orequest them so have just types one and dh is gonig to post it.

i feel i need to know for my own peace of mind -

one of the things that sticks in my mind is that she passed on the paeditricain checks at birth

so will let u know how things go

OP posts:
maddiemo · 02/01/2004 21:26

We asked for the medical notes after our son had an operation in which he developed breathing difficulties. There had been a mix up over who would give his inhalers.
We too had lots of questions, we wanted answers for our peace of mind. I think we were charged around ten pounds for the papers. The consultant who performed the op went through the papers with us. It did really help us. We got to find out what happened, what problems the staff found and how they treated them.
I hope the information you find helps you.

fairydust · 02/01/2004 21:45

maddiemo- thanks i just feel i need to see these even if it comes up with nothing

OP posts:
Luckymum · 03/01/2004 09:16

Fairydust, I requested to see my dds medical records quite recently. They have to make them available to you within 40 days of your request (data protection act I think), at our hospital you can request copies, for which there is a charge or you can go along and read them there. I hope the information puts your mind at rest, good luck

fairydust · 03/01/2004 12:14

thanks lucky mum - that makes things sound helpful

OP posts:
Blu · 05/01/2004 11:15

Fairydust, OF COURSE you want to see what happened. Apart from anything else we Mums will usually stew in guilt about whether it (anything) was 'our fault' until we can see that nothing we did would have made a difference. You don't need to justify or feel apologetic about wanting information, and whatever comes out of it, the simple completion of a picture, explanation, grounds for compensation, or a chapter in your ds's history, to have the knowledge will be empowering.

Good luck, and yes, they do HAVE to give them to you, but may charge for photocopying.

fairydust · 09/03/2004 10:17

well i finally got round to writing a letter to them and i got a form through the post this morning to fill out with a note saying once they've recieved the form they will look at it then send me a lette with the cost which could be as much as £50 i am so shocked £50 just to see info on me.

OP posts:
Blu · 09/03/2004 13:55

Good grief! Our NHS trust charges a flat £5, I think. Not very conducive to openess, is it?

twiglett · 09/03/2004 13:56

message withdrawn

secur · 09/03/2004 14:04

Message withdrawn

fairydust · 09/03/2004 15:43

yes i think it does mean the most it will cost is £50 but i'm asking for a years worth of notes and there was lots of admissions in this time so i know it'll probly be the full wack.

OP posts:
lou33 · 09/03/2004 15:50

Just copied and pasted this from an nhs hospital website, maybe this is what they mean?

Statutory Charges

Computer records only will cost £10:00.

The fee for paper records or x-ray films, depends on the amount of work involved, but cannot exceed £50:00

luckymum · 09/03/2004 16:20

FD....the £50 is the most they can charge you - mine quoted min £10 max £50. In the end dd's took longer than the statutory 40 days to obtain and they didn't charge me anything. I did have to nag & nag to get them and eventually turned into Mrs Angry so I don't think they dared bill me.

dinosaur · 09/03/2004 16:22

I understand exactly what you mean fairydust.

I got my DS1's medical notes after he was born (he nearly died at birth).

I can't now remember how much they charged, but I know it took them ages to locate the notes!

eidsvold · 09/03/2004 18:28

My hopsital trust charged £25 per set of notes ( i had to get dd's and mine)... if that is any help. SHe had a number from antenatal stuff to post birth and so on. It is expensive and the trust were very smart about getting them to me.

Sorry that is not much help.

Angeliz · 09/03/2004 18:42

I just got mine and dd's notes from her Birth too. They photocopied and sent them to me,(i did have to request in writing), and asked me for fifteen pounds which i sent off. It took them about two weeks.
I am gonna get my dd's notes from her G.P soon so hope they are as efficient!

I hope that reading through them helps you and does put your mind at rest!


BadHair · 09/03/2004 18:54

Just to clarify (as my mum does this for a living) the cost is a flat fee of £10 plus photocopying charges of up to £50. I think its 5p per sheet but I'll check with her later.

If you have a hospital appointment and you want to see the notes (but only from that one appt), you can send in a written request within 30 days and get them for just the copying charge. Same goes for antenatal and birth notes, just apply within 30 days of giving birth and you can have them for free.

maddiemo · 09/03/2004 21:42

We only paid £10 for ds3 notes. We also had an apointment with the consultant who performed the op and that was very helpful to us.
Hope all goes well.

maddiemo · 09/03/2004 21:46

Had a meeting for my son and have been told that his comprehension of instructions is around the two word information carrying stage. I forgot to ask what age level that would represent. Does anyone know. He is five and a half.
thank you


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maddiemo · 09/03/2004 21:50

Sorry for my post below fairydust. Its been a long day.

fio2 · 10/03/2004 09:45

I still cant get mine FD, its really peeing me off! Not even dd's doctor can access them, surel;y this isnt right>???????????

luckymum · 10/03/2004 10:18

Fio2......under the data protection act they cannot refuse you. Have a look here This is for the North Staffs Royal Infirmary but the same applies wherever. (you are in Staffordshire aren't you?) Does your hospital have a patient liason services (PALS)? See if they can help. I had problems getting dd's in that it took forever and I had to keep ringing and then threaten to make a formal complaint but we did get them eventually.

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