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we have wee's in the potty.... Yeah!!

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anniebear · 28/03/2006 18:31

Something has just clicked with Ellie today and she has been doing some wee's on the potty Grin

we have had lots of wet trousers also but I can see the difference in her. I don't know if I am making sense (whats new?!!!)

It is like yesterday she couldn't do it, but tday she can

Just a shame it is her day at mainstream tomorrow as she wil have to be in nappies all day, if she had bee at her SN School they would have put her in her knickers

But it's there anyway, she can do it and I am so excited!!!!

OP posts:
Socci · 28/03/2006 18:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twokids · 28/03/2006 18:42

so pleased for her and you well done:o:o:o
can't she wear pull ups instead(you know big girl feeling)

anniebear · 28/03/2006 19:01

yes she does have pull ups but she seems to wee in them

is actually better with nothing on or lose pj's!!!

OP posts:
reiver · 28/03/2006 20:42

Fantastic news - really pleased for you.

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