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jenk1 · 17/03/2006 19:21

We own our own house which is a 3 bedroomed terrace, but the bathroom is a loft conversion.

We have been looking for suitable houses for a while and the only ones we can find are way too much money for us to be able to afford, we were lucky and got our house before the boom.

I have discovered that a housing trust has 3 bedroomed houses with gardens for rent and im in a quandrey.
DS hates change, and i think that it would stress him out but i have to think of DD,s needs as well as she has CP and its going to get harder carrying her the heavier she gets.

The other thing is i feel reluctant to go back to renting a house when we have paid a mortgate for the last 5 years, i really dont know what to do and wondered if any of you have been in the same situation and what you did/or can you give me some advice as when it comes to choices i cant cope with them!


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jenk1 · 17/03/2006 21:44


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coppertop · 17/03/2006 21:47

If you could get a suitable grant wwould you be able to build an extension with a bathroom? That way you could stay in your own home.

twokids · 17/03/2006 22:07

we owned our house but have moved into a housing association house. It has disabled assess and the housing association have also added extra things like hoists. I also have a friend who lived in a normal 3 bed HA house she was able to get the downstairs totally adapted to meed he ds's needs. Just telling you this as there are some really good reasons to move to HA.
It really is worth looking into.

jenk1 · 17/03/2006 23:10

we only have a small backyard so an extension would take up all the room and leave no where for the kids to play.

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jenk1 · 18/03/2006 21:20

Iam going to phone the housing trust on monday as me and DH were driving around and noticed that one of their houses that is empty is only just up the road from where we are living now.

It also has a big back garden for the kids to play in, dont know if we will get anywhere but i can only try.

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twokids · 18/03/2006 23:21

hope you get it good luck

Blu · 19/03/2006 12:31

Would it be possible to re-work your house, and swap the batroom for a bedroom or other room lower down in the house?
I understand your reluctance to step off the property ladder again...but quality of ife is v important, isn't it?

I suppose it would be not allowed to keep your house and rent it out while you lived in a HA house.

jenk1 · 19/03/2006 20:14

yes you are right Blu, quality of life is more important, its just that on the street that i live, its pedestrianised,my family all live close and i have grown up on this street and in this house also, i think thats the reluctance TBH, i hate change, but i have to think about whats best for the family.

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