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Been told off by school. me, not ds1.

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PeachyClair · 16/03/2006 20:39

As many of you know, Sam is having problems with bullying at school.

Each morning he cries and does all he can to cause trouble before going in, to delay it I guess.

it's also worsened his (already terrible) sleep, he is petrified of this one kid.

I have said to the teacher who maintains it's 6 of 1 half a dozen of the other that Sam doesn't understand the breakdown of social interaction, so doesn't understand these things build up.

Well, the day before yesterday I took him in and he was there crying. I spoke to the teacher (a student whom in my opinion is much better than the normal teacher) and we agreed together I would go and do squash rota in the school kitchemnd, then check on him at 10.30 before I went home. At 10.30 I went back,S Sam suddenly starts 'I've got a tummy upset'. the teacher says- what do you want to do? I decide to take him home : it was a rare atm day off from Uni, and I hope that 1 day of support will help long term. So off we go.

I see SENCO several hours later (picking up ds2), she says I did best thing.

yesterday teacher calls me over, tells me off, teaching Sam bad things.


Sam has had no time off aprt from this and therapy, so he's not exactly a skiver.

I've had it with them. I would pull him if I could, but UNI grant pays rent.

To add to it, Sam came home today with a cut hand. Guess who did it?

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 16/03/2006 20:49

Have you complained to the head??

WideWebWitch · 16/03/2006 20:52

Poor you. Can SENCO help more, get involved. You did do the right thing. Can you ask to see their anti bullying policy, ask how it's being applied wrt to your son?

PeachyClair · 16/03/2006 20:53

Head on sick leave

SENCO has been on sick leave (came in for 1 day)

Alrady complained abot teacher once, two weeks ago! Blush Trying to seem co-operative. But actually, dh and I feel really, really defeated.

Our other concern is ds2 you see, who is 50% chance going to end up in this class next year. Don't want him taking on the flack for us being stressy

OP posts:
PeachyClair · 16/03/2006 20:54

And whilst they admit problems with this kid, it doesn't fit their defintion of bullying.

OP posts:
sphil · 16/03/2006 21:58

It sounds like a horrible situation and I think in your position I'd be very tempted to move both boys. Are there any other schools suitable near you? With the Head and the SENCO off sick you're probably less likely to get things sorted, especially if it's long term absence. Rest of staff will be running around covering and have less time for sorting out problems. Having said that, I don't think there's any excuse for allowing this sort of bullying to go on and the school is 100% at fault. (ex-teacher talking here!)

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