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First poo in potty!

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reiver · 05/03/2006 20:53

Sorry to lower the tone of the evening but I'm so excited. DD actually christened her new potty. Ok I know it was probably just good timing on my part but given her problems it was quite an achievement so just want the world to know!

OP posts:
Socci · 05/03/2006 21:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sphil · 05/03/2006 21:08

Well done to DD - we've had no luck yet!

tobysmumkent · 05/03/2006 22:44


Tell everyone!!!! (My DS2 did his first wee on the loo a couple of weeks ago, I've been gently building up to this with him for 2 years! And I phoned just about everyone I knew, so know just how excited you must be!!!!).

Your DD is a star!!

buzylizy · 05/03/2006 23:06

Well done to both you and tobysmum. Having been doing this for years still jump for joy every time we get a hit.
As you know dd has cp. We have a star chart for her gold(pooh) silver(wee) worked very well when she was younger.

beetlejuice73 · 05/03/2006 23:07

good for you and DD. You must be dead chuffed.

Lillypond · 06/03/2006 06:53

Well done little reiver Smile

JakB · 06/03/2006 10:21

Grin fantastic news!

JakB · 06/03/2006 10:21

Grin fantastic news!

anniebear · 06/03/2006 14:04


Thats fantastic

we are waiting for a wee on the party, then we are having a wee party to celebrate!!!

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