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something special dvds on ebay

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onlyjoking9329 · 03/03/2006 21:06

saw some something special dvds on ebay, they are cheap so might be copies, i already have those two does anyone know where i can buy the other ones as they seem to be out of stock on the makaton and bbc website

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sphil · 03/03/2006 22:45

Can't help with DVDs but they are repeating some of the progs (or maybe whole series?) on BBC2 at the moment every weekday at 10.15. That's if you want to take the cheapskate option like me and video them Grin

edodgy · 03/03/2006 22:48

OOh thanks my dd loves Something Special she always does the signs. The other day when Justin was presenting cbeebies she was watching and was copying his hand movements I had to explain to her that he wasn't actually doing sign language but just moving his hands when he was talking but she was having none of it Grin

sphil · 03/03/2006 22:52

Ah bless! Smile

LizLocket · 03/03/2006 23:26

Another one here doing the cheapskate version too! Just need to remember to set the video!


buzylizy · 03/03/2006 23:32

thanks for the idea I will be doing that too.
dd love's that programe.

sphil · 03/03/2006 23:54

DS2 comes running in from the kitchen full pelt when he hears "Mr Tumble! Mr TUUUUUMBLE!". Wish I could get that reaction...

misdee · 03/03/2006 23:56

the 2nd lot have only just been released, i think, not found them anywhere yet. we have pets and favourite things.

anniebear · 04/03/2006 07:02

me a cheap skate also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

onlyjoking9329 · 04/03/2006 10:58

i am just not organized enuff to record them, plus i haven't a clue how to set the timer! misdee let me know if you see them anywhere , ta!

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