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Ds2 finally gets an official diagnosis!

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coppertop · 26/02/2006 13:05

Ds2 (3yrs) has had a verbal but unofficial dx of ASD since he was assessed just after his 2nd birthday. As you probably already know, the Paed wouldn't put it in writing as he felt ds2 was still young. Confusingly the Paed would talk about ds2 during appointments as though he did have an ASD but there was absolutely nothing in writing.

The SN board consensus a little while ago was that ds2 needed the dx in place ready for when he moved from pre-school to Reception. The CDC and portage staff all agreed with you and made another appointment for ds2 to see the Paed.

We talked about ds2's appalling sleep habits first. I'd hoped it would get better as ds2 increased his hours at pre-school but it has got to the point where he's still wide awake until 2am and waking up every half an hour or so after that. The Paed wrote a prescription for melatonin.

I then asked about ds2 needing a dx. I almost fainted with shock when instead of hesitating and saying that ds2 should be re-assessed etc the Paed just said "Yes. I think it's about time we made it all official. It's pretty obvious he has an autistic spectrum disorder. I'll put it in writing for you."

Obviously there is still that sadness that comes with a dx but on the whole I just feel so relieved.

Thanks again to everyone who advised pushing for the dx.

OP posts:
RnB · 26/02/2006 13:08

Message withdrawn

KarenThirl · 26/02/2006 13:37

That's excellent news CT. Plenty of time to get things in place for school. Well done for pushing for dx.

macwoozy · 26/02/2006 13:47

Pleased for you that it's official, hopefully he'll get the right support now when he moves up to reception.

jenk1 · 26/02/2006 14:27

pleased for you coppertop but as well. its a bittersweet moment for you and your family.

anniebear · 26/02/2006 14:41

Glad you have a diagnosis CT, although as some one said..... bitter sweet

monica2 · 26/02/2006 20:13

I am sure this will be a positive tool for accessing help for your ds, take care coppertop (and bump)

Davros · 26/02/2006 20:21

Pleased its sorted CT. Now you can relax, ha ha! Hope pg going well

onlyjoking9329 · 26/02/2006 20:24

Glad you got the DX, lets hope you can get the right support for him and yourself too

misdee · 26/02/2006 21:07


can i please take dd1 to see your paed....

sphil · 26/02/2006 21:35

Sounds like our DS2s are the same age. I'm also pleased we got the dx in good time for school. Does he start Sept 2007? Since DS2 was officially dx 4 weeks ago I've felt so much better - able to channel more energy into finding best way to help him reach his potential.

Saker · 26/02/2006 21:51

I'm pleased you have got it down in writing at last. Hope you are feeling okay.

LizLocket · 26/02/2006 22:27

Pleased for you that you've got the diagnosis now. I remember feelings strangely happy and relieved tinged with sadness when we got ours.


Socci · 26/02/2006 22:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

busybusybee · 26/02/2006 23:12

Thats great news Coppertop

JakB · 27/02/2006 09:44

Good news Coppertop, although I appreciate it's bittersweet Smile

lizardqueen · 27/02/2006 09:49

Agree with the others about the bittersweet nature of the good news. Take care of yourself. When is the baby due? Smile

coppertop · 27/02/2006 09:59

Thanks everyone. :)

The letter arrived this morning (cc'd to everyone who works with ds2) stating that he now has an official dx of AS.

We started ds2 on melatonin on Saturday night. It might be just a coincidence so I'm not getting my hopes up yet but both nights he has fallen asleep within less than 40 minutes. :o He still wakes up after about 4 hours or so but those few hours have already made a huge difference to our sanity!

sphil - Yes, it sounds as though ds2 is about the same age as your ds. Ds2 is due to start school in September 2007. I just hope they're not expecting a clone of placid ds1! :o

Socci - No.3 is due somewhere around 23rd March so there's just over 3 weeks to go. Eeek!

OP posts:
coppertop · 27/02/2006 10:00

My typing's so slow I completely missed your post, LQ. Blush

OP posts:
Eulalia · 27/02/2006 19:49

Good to hear you've got a diagnosis Coppertop.

amynnixmum · 27/02/2006 19:56

Thats good news CT - good luck with the move to receptionSmile

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