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Dyslexic tendencies - should I get an assessment done?

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fluffydragon · 01/02/2006 18:49

My youngest daughter (nearly 7) has a number of dyslexic tendencies including difficulty with sequencing, quickly forgetting spellings, reversing of numbers and letters. The most marked problem is with her numeracy where she has problems reading 2 digit numbers the right way round e.g 17 read as seventy-one. In particular the "teens" present problems as do 12, 20 and 21. Her teacher says she is making progress but has agreed to get her bits of help in smaller groups where needed. On the whole she is "accessing the curriculum", but we don't feel that she's achieving her full potential (there, I've said it - cringe!.) She does have crises of confidence ("I'm just dumb") but seems OK at the moment, particularly since her reading is finally taking off (after lots of home encouragement). We are willing to pay for a private assessment (for speed) but are getting discouragement from some quarters e.g. the findings are unreliable, you will knock her confidence if she thinks she is doing well, all it will tell you is what you already know. On the other hand people say if we continue to help her at home then we will skew the results of any future assessments. The main benefit I can see from getting an assessment is that it could highlight very specifically what her problems are and what needs to be done to help. Is this the experience of those who have had assessments done? How much help do schools put in place on the basis of a private assessments? All advice much appreciated.

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fluffydragon · 02/02/2006 14:19

Sorry, new to this, think I may have posted to wrong group, have re-posted in Education.

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