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Asking council to build an extension....

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misdee · 30/01/2006 12:55

Peter may be coming home at some point. he'll need a hospital bed and a larger room for all his equipment. The hospital has said they wil lsend someone round to assess our home. Ideally he should have his own room, but thew rooms here are not big enough, unless i put my bed into storage and kip on the couch. I am thinking of asking if the council can build an extension on for us. but am not sure if they will as its not a permanent condition. the only other option is to move house, to a larger place with room downstairs to convert. not too keen on that idea tbh tho.

OP posts:
onlyjoking9329 · 30/01/2006 13:48

dunno if you would get a disabled facilities grant, we were assessed and told we could have one, as we needed downstairs loo for the kids, the building work they wanted to do was not what we wanted or needed so we didn't go throu with it, we did it ourselves without any funding, ask them and see what they say

doormat · 31/01/2006 13:59

Disabled facilities grants are available to homeowners and tenants up to £25,000 for adaptations to be done, for the benefit of a disabled person to stay in their home.

OT and council assessor will come out and decide whether there is room or not inside for extra room and bathroom facilities downstairs, if not may offer extension if there is enough room to and depending on health and safety.

This process can take awhile,
am having problems in getting work done now and it has been over 5 yrs.

Advice to everyone, make sure you ask for copies of EVERYTHING
Before you sign the plans ask if it will cost over £25,000 (as you will be liable for extra cost, local councils can give discretionary grants but this is extremely rare, they are tighter than a snare drum)
Keep a diary of dates of who came and what was said etc.
Keep all paperwork in seperate folder in case you run into complications.
Good luck

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