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lou33 are you watching richard and judy now!!!

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fio2 · 18/11/2003 17:06

it's about hypermobility!

OP posts:
lou33 · 19/11/2003 16:50

Argh no! I missed it, what did it say? Btw am feeling v important now having 2 threads with my name in .

fio2 · 19/11/2003 17:12

lol. It was just saying about hypermobility syndrome/eds and how mega felxible it makes you. They had this woman on who was in her early 20's who had hypermobility syndrome and had done gynastics since she was 4. She then climbed into a clear cube that was about 60cmx60cm and shut the door - to show how flexible she was. Apparently its too do with an exhibition in London - it's not medical though just how people can get in funny positions and stuff.

Well, thats what I thought it was about anyway - It's like a mad house here from 4pm onwards so I never manage to listen or watch anything properly. Just thought I best let the resident mumsnet hypermobility expert knowWink

OP posts:
lou33 · 19/11/2003 19:08

Who is this resident expert then?

I can touch the floor with the palms of my hands while straight legged btw .

popsycal · 19/11/2003 19:15

my sis somehw got some info on hypermobility.....can't remember and siters are all hypermobile (???) and difdnt even know......

tamum · 19/11/2003 19:18

I don't know if it's the same expert, but there was a bit in the Sunday Times this weekend about the same woman, by the sounds of it. Richard Wiseman, who usually researches into the paranormal, had got her to have a scan (MRI?) in a kind of folded up position, and he had one aswell. The distances between her vertebrae were greater than his (quel surprise), and there was some startling conclusion from all this....

lou33 · 19/11/2003 19:27

Hypermobility is often caused by a lack of collagen in the connective tissue, so joints are more flexible and easier to bend. It also can enable faster births, as a lack of collagen in the cervix means less time to thin and dilate, lucky me. My last birth was 22minutes! It causes slow healing and easy bruising among other symptoms, and loose "clicky" joints.

popsycal · 19/11/2003 19:49

lou - didnt know it caused qucik births!!!!
ds tookd less than 4 hours from first contraction to appearing and my sister, even tho initial labour was reasonably long...the pushing was only 6 minutes!!!!!

fio2 · 19/11/2003 21:24

yes its the same one tanum, and lou they were nattering on about collegen and stuff!

lou you are the resident expert!Smile

OP posts:
fio2 · 19/11/2003 21:31

sorry if my posts sound like I am thick. I was watching it but the kids are just manic at time, eating dinner, asking for drinks, more yogurt, having a scrap, dogs running everywhere etc etc and with all this going on and my rubbish memory and scattiness I just cant remember the finer details of the programme sorrySmile just thought I ought to explain myself...!

OP posts:
lou33 · 19/11/2003 21:43

That probably explains why then Pospycal. My first was my longest, and she was 2hrs 20 mins from 1st contraction to being born.

Fio, I knew what you were saying, maybe we speak the same language!

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