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jenk1 · 21/01/2006 20:32

Our family support worker,s time with dd is coming to an end next month.

She has been brill,has taken me and dd out when previously i didnt leave the house and has helped me gain confidence with dd.

Yesterday she said that she would like to continue to work with us as a family but with DS who at present is out of school due to severe anxiety.

She said usually a HV refers to her but with DS being 9 our HV cant do it.

She wasnt sure who could and said she would try to find out, its got to be someone with the correct paperwork, i mentioned GP but she said she didnt think that a GP could refer.

Has anyone else had this or do you know who could refer DS to her as she would really help him.


OP posts:
dizzy34 · 21/01/2006 21:00

School nurse? They tend to take over from the HV. GP can usually refer to anyone. Social workers can and teachers sometimes can.

hornbag · 21/01/2006 22:20

Does your FSW work for Social Services? If so a referral to SS by a health or education professional may be what you need.

Where do you live?
If the set-up is the same as where I am then the referral from HV/teacher/Educ. SW/GP goes to a "panel" within SS who decide who/what support is needed.
Hope this helps. I'm sure your FSW will find out the best route to go down.

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