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Help please, dd outgrown her travel cot - what are the alternatives?

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chonky · 21/01/2006 14:03

DD is coming up for 2 and is very tall for her age, so she's about to outgrow her travel cot. She rolls loads, but also has SLD so she won't know not to roll out of a bed.
Has anyone any ideas of what we can do when we want to go away for the night please? Are bed guards a possibility?

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Marne · 21/01/2006 14:15

DD has a toddler bed with gaurds, there's only a small gap at the bottom of her bed so she cant realy fall out, she has'nt tried to climb over the gaurd either (yet), we put her in there when she was 15 months.

chonky · 21/01/2006 14:16

What make is it please? I think bed guards will make sense but I'm clueless as to what will be the best.

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Marne · 21/01/2006 14:23

We've got the tomy ones from argos (19.99 each) or mothercare do 2 for £29.99

getbakainyourjimjams · 21/01/2006 14:39

Bed guards don't fit every bed (they fit divans). HOw about making up a bed on the floor (one of those blow up all in one beds plus sleeping bags?) , or will she then not stay in it?

chonky · 21/01/2006 14:49

ooh, I haven't seen those. Where can I take a look pls?

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buzylizy · 21/01/2006 18:18

I tried one of those with my nt son when he was little found he just rolled of. i know my daughter is older but we have found just putting a matress on the floor works(we do this even when we are on holiday)

Blu · 21/01/2006 18:50

DS bashed his nose badly on a bed guard within minutes of it being installed. When we go away, we put his mattress on the floor.
I think you can get the inflatable mattress and sleeping bag all-in-one things from argos

Bozza · 21/01/2006 18:59

The blow up beds are called readybeds and they sell them in lots of places including Argos, Verbaudet etc.

chonky · 21/01/2006 23:37

Thanks everyone - I'll take a look at the readybeds although a mattress on the floor may be the easiest option.

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