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Just found out that DS' and DD1's physio is leaving next week....

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sparklymieow · 18/01/2006 17:45

AArrggghhhhhhhh!!!!!! this is the 5th physio in a YEAR!!!! I am so annoyed because we kept getting locums, the kids get used to them and then they leave. Most of them have had visa problems and have to go back to their home countries (not their fault at all) but why can the hospital employ someone who doesn't need a visa or has their visa, its so unsettling for the kids.

OP posts:
mogwai · 19/01/2006 20:49

Can't they employ british physios?

Is it a particularly difficult place to work or something?

colettemum3 · 19/01/2006 22:06

hey ya hun,
you get around don't you
you be wondering where you know me from now..
give you clue my son is an escaped artist!!!
although i think my nick will be enough to do it

sparklymieow · 20/01/2006 01:04

you are col aren't you!!

OP posts:
sparklymieow · 20/01/2006 01:06

psssttt.. did you get told off today too??

OP posts:
eidsvold · 20/01/2006 03:41

why can't the hospital employ someone to help them sort out their visas given that they are obviously meeting an important need the NHS has at this time

how frustrating. [frustrated face for you]

If it is any consolation dd1's physio had lots of time off last year and the year before due to family illness and death and it was soooo hard for themto find anyone to replace her - finally late last year they managed to get someone in on contract who agreed to come back early from maternity leave..... There just wasn't the staff...

mogwai · 20/01/2006 18:53

ths can be a circular problem - poor staffing leading to unrealistic expectations on the few staff that exist - so they go somewhere better staffed and less stressful.

One of our neighbouring NHS trusts cannot provide adequate therapy for the children who need it because they are woefully understaffed. The therapists who work there are treated like dirt and put under enormous pressure by the parents. They lost two SLTs, an OT and three physios last month alone.

colettemum3 · 21/01/2006 11:15

yep it's me and i got a slap on the hand as well
Although still waiting to see if i going to get banned of the other site that i mentioned.

Spoke to some of the staff at R school and they were horrified and totally understand why i got as angry as i did.
Pm the hand slapper with the link to what got me so angry, have no idea if she read it or not. But thought forewarned is best, incase the person who made me angry decide's to join our family.

sparklymieow · 22/01/2006 18:35

why would you be banned from the other site? I must have missed a few posts on our family, because I didn't see anything bad on there.

OP posts:
colettemum3 · 23/01/2006 01:50

My post got deleated as i was talking about another site and how angry a thread on this site made me.
Anyway i saved most of the thread,so will pm you with it so you can see for yourself.

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