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assesment on 26th what do i expect

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jambuttie · 12/01/2006 21:02

Hi all

Dt2 has his assesment on 26th Jan and I need to know what will happen.

He is very underweight, falls over a lot-very clumsy, doesnt speak very well and drags his legs too when he walks, he gas trouble swallowing too

I have had some advice from a friend on her experience but would like your too.

I have written down pointers so far as to how his wee life has been.

He is only 2 (well on mnday anyway) and it was also noted at an assesment that is gross motor nuron( i think thats how they say it) was poor- not entirely sure what that means.

Any advice/tips would be most appreciated

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Socci · 13/01/2006 13:00

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Message withdrawn

jambuttie · 13/01/2006 17:52

a number of people,

paeds,nurses etc

apparently there will be about 8 proffesionals at one time doing the assesment

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Socci · 13/01/2006 18:37

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Message withdrawn

jambuttie · 13/01/2006 18:46

thanx so much socci

i ahve written down how he was at birth etc

how his co-ordination etc is now

our concerns

not sure what else bit as yousay maybe someone will advise me

thanx again

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coppertop · 13/01/2006 18:55

The assessments will probably vary according to who you need to see. Generally you will need as detailed a history as you can remember: problems in pregnancy, the birth, when/if milestones were met, any illnesses etc.

A Physio will probably set out some small pieces of equipment to see how/if your ds can balance, walk up/down a step, use a small slide, throw a ball etc. They will probably also be observing to see if he favours one side over the other, has any floppiness etc.

An Occupational Therapist (OT) will probably set out some toys and puzzles to see how your ds uses his hands and how co-ordinated this is. They will be looking at things like how he grips things, how he picks things up and puts them down, whether he uses his left/right hand appropriately etc.

You will probably also see a Speech Therapist (SALT) who will not only be looking at actual words used but also whether ds' mouth is working appropriately eg if he can lick his lips, use a straw, move his tongue around well etc. They may also be looking at how he interacts with other people, eg if he is happy to share a book with someone, whether he tries to let you know what he wants etc.

You will probably find yourself answering the same questions with each professional so it's definitely a good idea to make some notes. They may also ask you what you think the problem is. Don't be afraid to tell them if you suspect a particular condition.

Good luck.

jambuttie · 13/01/2006 19:39

thanx very much for the info coppertop.

forgot he was seeing salt also

will update u all too

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