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music therapy in london area .... is there any?

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nutmeg · 10/01/2006 22:19

We are really keen to get ds some music therapy (asd/language difficulties). I could get him anywhere in london area or south east ish....
Can anyone recommend anyone?

OP posts:
Davros · 11/01/2006 14:52

Nordoff Robbins is an internationally renowned (!) music therapy organisation. They are in Kentish Town and, I think, have at least one other centre although I don't think in London. Have you looked at local charities? We have two locally that do music therapy (we are NW3 and DID got to Nordoff Robbins).

Saker · 11/01/2006 18:39

I asked Ds2's music therapist about other music therapists locally who could do a local group for someone and she produced a little directory of everyone offering music therapy in the country. I don't know how you get hold of this but this link might help.

bundle · 11/01/2006 18:42

some of the orchestras do this, i've met people who go into hospitals but not sure about outpatient work. also met one in the park who works out of the neurodisability hospital in richmond.

Davros · 11/01/2006 21:08

Nordoff Robbins trains music therapists so they might be worth ringing to ask for info anyway. The receptionist there is lovely. Say hello from Davros, no don't!

Marina · 11/01/2006 21:14

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nutmeg · 11/01/2006 22:20

Thank you so much. I will follow up all these leads.

OP posts:
kitegirl · 11/01/2006 22:23

Mordoff Robbins. They see private patients as well as referrals. I have seen the work they do and it blew my mind.

Marina · 12/01/2006 10:19

Here is the British Society's website
and here is a useful link on professional music therapy in the UK.

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