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A well earned day off today

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jenk1 · 31/12/2005 09:13

at 11.30am this morning me, my sister and my dad are being picked up in a limousine and taken to Manchester United Football Ground.

There we are having a 5 course meal and free bar.

After that we are watching the match in a private box served by waiters etc, and afterwards more food and champagne etc.

I cant wait, ive been so looking forward to this for weeks, a full day with no kids, no trantrums,meltdowns,washing,cooking,ironing etc.

Cant you tell im really excited!!!!!!

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eidsvold · 31/12/2005 09:46

hope you have a fab day !!

anniebear · 31/12/2005 14:21

Brilliant, you really deserve it

Hope you have had a fantastic time

itllbelonelythisdavros · 31/12/2005 18:29

Lucky you, shame its Utd

anniebear · 31/12/2005 22:01

Bet you missed the kids!!!!!

How did it go? Hope you had a brilliant day (and didn't really miss the kids!!!)

coppertop · 31/12/2005 22:12

How did it go? I'm guessing you won't be in a fit state to post on here tonight.

jenk1 · 31/12/2005 22:17

Yes i am in a fit state to report

We had a lovely time, i drank plenty but sensibly!

The food was lovely and we had a really good view and Man U won 4:1.

my sister didnt fare as well as she threw up in the car on the way home

and her boyfriend has just informed me that he had to put her to bed as she was steaming!!!

It felt good to be away from home and the kids!!
and for once i didnt feel guilty, DH coped ok apart from when i asked what dd has been eating who has various food allergies he told me "crisps,biscuits,chips,etc"!!!!

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