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mmmmmmmm what do you reckon??? EPF hours

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sparklymieow · 13/12/2005 22:18

We finally managed to get some funding for dd1, who is 5 and in year one. The Senco told me she got 3.5 hours a week. Just read the school newsletter and they have a vacancy for support of a SN child in KS1 and its 10.5 hours a week. Confused

OP posts:
followthestarlover · 13/12/2005 22:24

maybe they have more than one child getting support

or, maybe the hours reflect the work that doesn't include working with your dd... ie, preparation, training etc

sparklymieow · 13/12/2005 22:25

I thought that too, its temporary anyway, the school and me are going to push for a staement, so she should get more hours.

OP posts:
tensing · 13/12/2005 23:26

By advertising for a Temporary LSA, they can get rid of her if it doesn't work out more easily as her contract will state temporary for 6 months or what ever.

neolara · 15/12/2005 21:46

Schools can apply for additional funding (e.g. EPF or statementing) for children whose need is over and above the vast majority of pupils. However, they are also given SEN funding as part of their normal budget. They can choose how they spend this money themselves. It is possible that your school is going to employ someone to work for 3.5 hours with your dd, but that same person will also be employed for an additional 7 hours on anything the school wishes. Some of it may even be to help support your child for longer than the 3.5 hours. Here's hoping!

COPPERfeelunderSantasTOP · 15/12/2005 21:54

Yep, it's likely that there is more than one child in need of support. Ds1's LSA last year worked pretty much full-time at the school but only spent a few of those hours with ds1.

Ds2's funding in pre-school is enough to pay for an extra member of staff but as he really doesn't need full-time 1:1 she will also be helping out with the other children. It depends on the child's individual needs and how the school arranges its staffing needs.

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