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SN children

is it today you are all meeting up?

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jenk1 · 26/11/2005 11:56

or have i got the date wrong?

Anyway whenever it is, have a really lovely time because you ALL deserve it

OP posts:
Blossomhill · 26/11/2005 12:18

Yes it is but unfortunately I can't go

jenk1 · 26/11/2005 12:31

oh poor you blossom, you will have to sit at home like me and feel

OP posts:
coppertop · 26/11/2005 12:33

What's happened, BH?

Davros · 27/11/2005 20:26

OK then, how about one of our boring old MN SN meet ups in the daytime at Royal Academy or somewhere else? w/c 5th or 12th Dec. I can't do Tuesdays.......

jenk1 · 27/11/2005 20:27

i will come to one maybe next year because i live near to manchester so will have to plan well ahead

OP posts:
macwoozy · 27/11/2005 20:49

Feels like I'm inviting myself but I'd like to go, if I can get there and back in time to pick ds up from school. Would be really great to picture your faces, you'd be surprised how I imagine what all you lot look like

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