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How would you interpret this ed psych report?

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macwoozy · 24/11/2005 01:37

I've been given the report that was sent to the LEA from my ds's educational psychologist with regards to his assesment for a statement. In the 3 page report she states that although he already recieves support he is making very little progress. That his behaviour seriously impedes his learning and is very demanding of adult time, and he will need ongoing special needs support in order to access the curriculum. So I'm assuming (hoping) that she might also feel that a statement is needed. She also mentions possibility of a suitable school placement when he joins juniors.

The thing thats bothering me is her final paragraph. It states
"Although I have worked with school staff and I have observed J in class I feel that a very important piece of work remains to work with J, his parents and with school staff when he transfers to junior school to more effectively understand and manage some of the difficulties that relate to J's inappropriate behaviour at home and at school. I would suggest that the critical issue is the extent to which it is possible to work with him, his parents and school staff to more effectively understand and manage some of the difficulties that relate to autistic spectrum disorder'

Although initially I read it that she was implying that outside support would benefit the crossover to his next school(or am I reading far too much into it? and would a statement in fact aid this crossover anyway), my dp is convinced that it is a criticism on us as parents that we are not involving ourselves enough. What do you think? I don't know why I'm bothered about it so much now anyway. I think after months and months of having this statement on my mind I'm over reacting to the slightest comment.

OP posts:
macwoozy · 24/11/2005 08:18

I feel a bit silly writing this one now, it was one of those times when a little niggle in my head just kept being played over and over and prevented me from sleeping. I shouldn't be making such a big deal about a little paragraph.

OP posts:
tissy · 24/11/2005 08:23

I just read it to mean that you need support to manage his behaviour at home and at school. Didn't seem like a criticism to me .

jayzmummy · 24/11/2005 08:57

I read it as you will all work together as a partnership to develop effective startgies to ease your Ds into Juniors.

IMW EP's are keen for parents being involved all the way...some schools are not and they take the line "we are the professionals and know what we are doing" which in some cases is wrong!
I got the feeling that the EP was highlighting the fact that the school need to take on board any advice, info etc that you have to contribute and read it more as if the school werent doing enough to understand the impact of your DS's disability.

coppertop · 24/11/2005 09:34

I just read it as meaning that it's important for all parties involved to work together to help J's move to the Juniors, especially with understanding/managing any difficulties relating to his ASD.

macwoozy · 24/11/2005 14:28

Yeh you're right. I think its because my ds needs this statement so badly that I'm over stressing and scrutinising very word of the report. I'm in need of a good slap

OP posts:
dinosaur · 24/11/2005 14:29

I agree with the others - I don't think it reads as a criticism of you at all.

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