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We are BIBICing tomorrow!!

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delllie · 21/11/2005 17:39

Lurker and part-time poster here!, but we are taking DD (3.10yrs, GDD, hypotonia, reflux, feeding and swallowing difficulties) to BIBIC's mobile clinic in Birmingham tomorrow, we are having a 2 day assessment spread over 3 days!
Just wondered if any of you more experienced BIBICers could give us any tips/suggestions to get the best out of the assessment???

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sphil · 21/11/2005 19:24

Just to be open to their suggestions. And not to panic if after the first day you feel a little disappointed. We felt that they hadn't really understood DS2 at the end of the first day - there were lots and lots of 'tests' which he responds to badly (he has autistic traits)- but days 2 and 3 were great. By the end I didn't want to leave - felt so supported by everyone there.
Also - we went in the summer and it was absolutely boiling in the building, but the receptionist said it's freezing in winter!

sphil · 21/11/2005 19:25

Sorry - just realised you're going to Birmingham not Bridgewater, so ignore comments about temperature!

Merlot · 21/11/2005 19:45

Just enjoy it It is a wonderfully supportive atmostphere

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