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SN children

to all whos been supporting me

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donnaj · 18/11/2005 21:18

hiya donna here just to let you all know i didnt get my results today as planned (regarding if our baby has downs) hopefully get them on monday tuesday at the latest and me and hubs had along chat and weve both agreed that if this amnio dosnt work as the dithering doctor got my blood in the sample we just gonna carry on with this pregnancy and what will be will be and not opt for another amnio i think because he saw me go through it helped him come to terms with everything so whatever problems this baby has were gonna deal with them you all have helped me so much although im pissed off now not knowing the fact hubby and me have sorted things makes it more bearable will let you know when i do get results and might even know what sex we having we have 3 girls so far so we all placing bets lotsa love to you all and speak soon ps has anyone got older children who have had a brother or sister with ds? as my 13 yr old cant handle it well

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ThomCat · 18/11/2005 21:23

Am in tears here. So pleased you have found some peace with regards to what you are going to do. Such a wseight off my mind. Ohhh blimey. Well will you promise faithfully to come back and tell us how you get on on Mon or Tues?

What a lucky baby you have growing inside of you. And what lucky parents you are and will be, whatever the outcome.

TC xxx

eidsvold · 18/11/2005 21:27

glad you have been able to come to some resolution about this.

If you go to this website and contact the person listed - she may be able to point you in the right direction of contacting another family. It is a parent group that I was a part of when we lived in the UK.


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