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Strattera - anyone using this?

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Cosmo74 · 18/11/2005 18:09

This is what we have been perscribed for DS - anyone using them and how do you find them.

OP posts:
Chocol8 · 19/11/2005 16:20

Hi Cosmo - sorry just noticed this. My ds was on Ritalin to start with but I noticed that even during his 2nd dose at lunchtime, his behaviour was very up and down. He may as well not have taken it. He was changed to Ritalin SR (slow release) which was one tablet daily - it didn't work at all. That was a week from hell that was!

We then tried Strattera, and it does seem to work quite well. We were prescribed it by ds's consultant. He is now on 25mg a day, but when they increased the dose, it didn't make any difference at all, mind you it was only by 3mg! He's been taking it for nearly a year now and is still the same weight although his height has rocketed. Because they go on weight, he is on the border for a stronger dose.

I have a feeling that because his behaviour and self harming tendancies are returning with a vengence, we will may be try something else? I dunno.

It's really trial and error as to what works, but wishing you the very best of luck. x

Blossomhill · 19/11/2005 17:37

Chocs - hope you don't mind me asking but does the Strattera help with the self harming? Dd is biting, scratching etc herslef lately and I am at my wits end

Chocol8 · 19/11/2005 20:17

Hi Bloss, how are you? No, it doesn't help with the self harming at all i'm afraid! Haven't found anything that helps with that sadly. Still at CAMH about it, but he seems to have a meltdown after nearly every appointment these days. x

Cosmo74 · 19/11/2005 20:48

Thanks alot - we started DS on it today - was really scary giving him his first tablet and DH is in bits about it we have to keep telling ourselves that we are doing it for his own good if he didn't have to got to school we would manage it Ok at home saying that I know he needs it and hopefully it will meke him feel better in himself - he is on 10mg for the first week then it goes up to 25mg will let youknow how we get on

OP posts:
Chocol8 · 19/11/2005 21:54

Yes, it is very difficult medicating our children even though I know that he wouldn't be accepted in school if he didn't have it.

Will look forward to hearing about his progress Cosmo.

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