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Dd2 tested for coeliac disease - help?

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eidsvold · 18/11/2005 10:59

took dd2 for her 12 mth check up and jabs today. Her weight has fallen across the percentiles - from 97th at birth to 3rd now. she did drop a bit between 0 - 6 mths but since eaning the line on the chart goes almost straight across the page. She is ditty but i figured she took after the petite women on dh's side of the family.

Gp worried about coeliac disease and so after 2 vaccinations I took dd2 to have blood tests. poor wee darlin - will get the results next week. So any advice or experience of this

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Zephyrcat · 18/11/2005 11:03

Hiya - My Mum and uncle have recently been diagnosed with coeliacs and my Uncle's dd is now being tested - she's 5. One thing we have learnt is that there are a lot of different ways in which 'coeliacs' manifests itself and not everyone has the same symptoms/diagnosis - ie My Mum gets stomach pains and lethargy, my Uncle gets indigestion and weight loss, his dd gets eczma(cant for the life of me remember how to spell that this morning!!)
Depending on which way they have it depends on how you have to treat it/restrict diet etc - there are lots of very useful websites about it too. Hope she's ok xx

eidsvold · 18/11/2005 11:07

have quickly visited a few websites tonight and from what I have read she is not displaying any of the symptoms except that the gp is concerned about her weight.

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eidsvold · 23/11/2005 03:23

got results today - she is clear - so she may just be a ditty thing or at the moment is so bsuy getting into everything - we need to up her calorie intake to balance her output.

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nathollyandmatthew · 23/11/2005 10:33

my son is 16 months and is classes as fialure to thrive he was tested on sunday for this and we r still waiting the results
its good to hear it was clear though
do they know why shes losing weight or has poor weight gain?

eidsvold · 23/11/2005 21:51

no idea - I figure she is just so active that we are probably not giving her enough calories to burn up and then ahve some to grow. BUT also on my dh's side - his mum and sister are petite yet his sister was a big baby born so perhaps she jsut takes after them.

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pixel · 24/11/2005 00:12

My dd was referred to the GP by the HV because she was so tiny, which of course frightened me to death! There was nothing wrong with her at all and she is still small at almost 10 yo. In fact I weighed both children last week as we got new bathroom scales and she only weighs 7lb more than her 5 yo brother! If they are active, healthy and eat well, then there isn't too much to worry about IMO. Some children are just naturally dainty.

Fauve · 24/11/2005 00:26

I think GPs just don't take account of family patterns of being small at different stages of life, eg both dh and I were rather small as kids but are now average height. thus our kids' growth patterns make sense to us, but didn't look normal on official charts.

eidsvold · 24/11/2005 02:24

she was 9lb 7 oz when born and dropped off a bit as she was breastfed baby but then when she was weaned dropped right across the charts almost on a straight line.

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